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Bean character image


Notable Abilities

Immense Strength
Low Intelligence

"Bean" (ビーン Bīn?) was the name given by Hange Zoë to a 7m Titan which was captured after the reconquest of Trost District.


Bean is a Titan that stands 7 meters high and has short messy brown hair and brown eyes. Bean also has light peachy-coloured skin like the other normal Titans.


Bean displayed typical traits for a Titan of its class. It acted with little intelligence, and responded to an attempt of communication by attempting to eat Hange. It appeared to have a sense of pain, since it reacted when its eye was gouged out by a spear. It exhibited a loss of activity after three hours of sunlight deprivation.


The Female Titan arcEdit

Bean presumably appears when the gate of Trost District is broken by the Colossal Titan, and numerous Titans invade the district. [1] However, once the breach is plugged by Eren Yeager, human forces are able to retake the district. Most of the Titans who had entered are killed, but two are taken alive; Hange nicknames them "Sonny" and "Bean". They perform a number of experiments on them including: testing their response to attempts at communication, injury, and sunlight deprivation. They have further tests planned; however, during the night, both test subjects are killed by a soldier. Armin later comes to the conclusion that this was the doing of Annie Leonhart, as he believes that she used Marco's 3D Maneuver Gear to escape suspicion during the initial investigation of the Titans' murder.


  • Hange's nicknames for the two Titans, Sonny and Bean, are direct references to the famous cannibal of the same name, Sawney Bean. However, the former uses an anglicized version of the name.[2]
  • Hange had two test subject Titans that had died before they captured Sonny and Bean and their names were Chikachironi and Albert.[citation needed]


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