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Connie Springer

Connie Anime

Connie profile

Name Connie Springer
Kanji コニー・スプリンガー
Romaji Konī Supuringā
Biological Information
Gender Male
Birthday May 2nd[1]
Birthplace Ragako[1]
Height 158 cm[1]
Weight 58 kg[1]
Relatives Ms. Springer (Mother)
Mr. Springer (Father, deceased)
Martin Springer (Brother, deceased)
Sunny Springer (Sister, deceased)
Affiliation Survey Corps Logo Survey Corps
Grad Rank 8th[2]
Species Human
Status Alive
Other Information
Titan kills Solo: 0
In team: 1[3]
Total: 1
First Appearance
Manga That Day
Anime That Day
Voice actor
Anime Hiro Shimono (Japanese)
Clifford Chapin (English)
Quote1 You mean to tell me all I have left of my family is a portrait?! Quote2
— Connie to Hange Zoe after the destruction of Ragako. [citation needed]
Connie Springer (コニー・スプリンガー Konī Supuringā?) is a member of the 104th Trainees Squad, of which he is ranked 8th best. Connie hails from the rural Ragako village within Wall Rose, and his greatest ambition is to make his family and village proud of him. Upon graduation, he joined the Survey Corps.


Connie-Chara Design

Connie's character design for the anime

Connie is one of the shorter characters in the series, standing two centimeters shorter than Levi. He has a slim build, with bright hazel eyes, and his head is distinctively kept shaved. Connie is typically dressed in standard military garb, and will don the Survey Corps cape when on missions.

His casual attire consists of a simple long-sleeve white shirt and shin-length brown slacks.


Connie can best be described as outgoing and impetuous. He has an easy time expressing his opinions, and enjoys flaunting his skills, especially during his days as a trainee.[4] Despite being in the military, Connie starts off as rather unfocused, and enjoys goofing around and messing with his friends, but can also be a bit dense at times.[5][6]

Later, Connie's naive enthusiasm falls away after multiple close encounters with the Titans. He never becomes more serious, though to his frustration, he still has some difficulty comprehending new developments as they appear.[7] Connie also comes to terms with his own limits, disliking his lack of power, but eager to prove his worth.[8] Through it all, Connie remains an optimistic character, consistently caring for the well-being of others, and willing to help in any way he can.[9][10]


104th Trainees Squad arcEdit

Connie signs up as a new recruit in the 104th Trainees Squad with hopes of eventually joining the Military Police Brigade. His entry into the military is a clumsy one, and he winds up getting the military's salute wrong on the first day.[11] For the remainder of his training, Connie can be seen practicing using the 3D Maneuver Gear, which he was particularly proficient in, as well as messing with his fellow recruits, or goofing around with Sasha Blouse, whom he becomes fast friends with.[12]

Battle of Trost District arcEdit

Connie graduates ranked 8th among the 104th Trainees, and is present in Trost District when the Colossal Titan breaches the wall. He is usually looking out for the others, as with the appearance of Eren Yeager's Titan Form, came to check on Armin and Mikasa in the ensuing battle. He is often seen carrying Armin while gliding with his 3D Maneuver Gear. He, Armin and Mikasa burst through a window immediately after Eren strikes two Titans, explaining to Jean Kirstein that the Titan attacks other Titans and ignores humans. He later joins Armin's plan to break into the supply room and replenish their supply. He is one of the best fighters in the group, and so is one of the seven assigned to take down a Titan in the supply room with one strike. While he fails to kill his target with his first blow, he is rescued by Annie Leonhart.[13]

The Female Titan arcEdit

He is one of the soldiers perched on top of one of the Giant Trees, waiting for word from Levi's Squad with the others. He is seen returning from the failed 57th Expedition along with the others, and is later seen in the field riding a horse along with Sasha Blouse, Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, Krista Lenz and Ymir.[14]

Clash of the Titans arcEdit

Later on, Connie is part of a group of Survey Corps members under investigation by Mike Zacharius under suspicion of being an accomplice to Annie.[15] However, when Titans mysteriously appear within Wall Rose, Mike sends them to warn the surrounding villages. Because Connie's home village of Ragako is in the Titans' wake, he receives permission to join to the group headed in that direction. They find the village seemingly deserted, with no bodies but also no sign that the people fled. In the ruins of his house, Connie finds an immobile Titan that reminds him of his mother. Connie attempts to tell the group that the Titan had communicated with him but is quickly dismissed by Reiner. As night falls, Connie and his group take refuge in Castle Utgard, which subsequently comes under siege by Titans.[16]

During the siege, he is attacked by a smaller Titan and rescued by Reiner, who is injured in the process. He expresses frustration that Reiner has always protected him, and promises that someday he will repay him in turn. Like the others, he is shocked when Ymir reveals herself to be a Titan -- though he quickly nicknames her "Ugly" and gives her a hard time. After the squad lead by Hange rescues them, Connie joins the efforts to continue investigating Wall Rose for damage. When a battle breaks out between the soldiers and the Armored Titan and Colossal Titan, he is assigned to tend to the wounded. He begs one of the officers to save Reiner and Bertolt, fearing them missing and injured, and unaware that they are the Titans being fought.[17]

In the aftermath of the battle, Connie joins the rescue party. However, he states he cannot believe Reiner and Bertolt are their enemies, and is determined to hear it from them himself. When the team finally arrives in the forest, he is one of those that encounters Ymir's Titan form and identifies her for the others. When she fails to respond to questions, he kicks her in the head and again calls her "Ugly". He is shocked when Ymir suddenly attacks, kidnapping Krista and fleeing to rejoin Reiner and Bertolt.[18]

Eventually, he is finally able to catch up to the traitors and uses his gear to climb onto Reiner's shoulder. Together with Jean, he confronts Bertolt (and Reiner) concerning the friendship they shared in the past and their lies. He mentions that the members of the 104th Trainees Squad had once promised to survive, and grow old together while reminiscing over drinks. This, along with Jean's words, finally reach Bertolt and cause him to break down. But before the group can react to Bertolt's confession of their betrayal, as well as their genuine affection for them, Hannes shouts to warn them that Erwin Smith is leading a massive horde of Titans directly towards them.[19]

Connie is forced to retreat, and watches in horror as his former friends charge straight into the horde of Titans. When Erwin orders a second charge, he follows the others back into battle. He later appears elsewhere on the battlefield, using the chaos to retrieve Krista. When she protests that he should leave her behind and declares that Ymir will be killed if she doesn't go with the traitors, Connie demands she rethink things. He wonders whether Ymir's claims are the truth, and points out to her that Ymir is never serious unless it is for Krista's sake. Stating that even an idiot like him can tell how bad things are, he advises her (and Ymir, following them in Titan form) to retreat for now since otherwise they'll all be killed. However, before they can rejoin the main forces, the Armored Titan begins hurling other Titans to block the soldiers' escape.[20]

With their route cut off and the Armored Titan on his way, things look hopeless for Connie and his allies. However, to everyone's surprise, the Titans suddenly stop attacking the humans and turn their attention to one of their own, and then, as Eren rages, the Titans all begin to swarm the Armored Titan. Confused, but not letting this chance to escape pass him by, Connie urges Krista and Ymir to retreat with the rest of the army, though Ymir opts to stay behind to defend Bertolt and Reiner.[20] Connie manages to make it back to Wall Rose, still in shock, but relieved to be alive. Upon reflecting with Eren, Armin and Jean, Connie comes to believe that it was Eren's shouting that caused the Titans to stop attacking them.[21]

The Uprising arcEdit

Connie's sadness

Connie learns the truth

A week later, Connie revisits the remains of his village with Hange. Upon further inspecting the mysterious, immobilized Titan lying on his house, Connie realizes it bears a striking resemblance to his mother. With this revelation, Hange comes to the conclusion that the Titans that appeared within Wall Rose were originally the people of Connie's village. Confused and distraught, Connie muses that all he has left now is a portrait of his family, and his Titan mother, and that he can never forgive whoever is responsible.[21]

Connie, along with Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Sasha and Krista, are enlisted to form a new squad under Levi's leadership. As with the previous Squad Levi, Connie's task will be to safeguard Eren and Krista, whose real name is revealed to be Historia Reiss. Connie is present when Historia reveals her past and when Hange reveals that Pastor Nick was murdered by the Military Police. After the discussion, he helps Eren, Mikasa and Historia to prepare food and expresses his shock for the recent events and his grudge against the Beast Titan for what it did to his parents and town, and against Ymir and Reiner for hiding the truth; though Historia suggests that Ymir was just trying to protect him.[7]
Erwin plans a coup d'état

Connie reads in shock Erwin's plan for a coup d'état

During Hange's Titan experiments with Eren, Connie helps stand guard around the place. Later, the group receives some mysterious instructions from Erwin that leave them in shock, and they abandon the hut to follow the plan. Shortly after, they see from the distance how the hut is stormed by the Military Police Brigade First Interior Squad, and Connie wonders what would have happened if they had slept there another night.

As they walk through the city, they are surrounded by angry citizens who accuse them of wasting their taxes without giving results, and in the commotion, Eren and Historia are seemingly kidnapped by a rushing wagon.[22]

Connie participates in a mission to root out the organizations within the walls that intend to kidnap Eren and Historia. With Jean and Armin impersonating Eren and Historia, respectively, Squad Levi is able to bait the kidnappers, allowing them to abduct Jean and Armin, and follow them back to their hideout. Once there, Connie acts as lookout, meanwhile Levi and Mikasa subdue the kidnappers. The abductors are revealed to be lead by Dimo Reeves, who is working for the central branch of the Military Police. With convincing by Levi, Reeves agrees to switch allegiance to the Survey Corps.[23]

With Reeves' help, the Survey Corps manages to capture two members of the central Military Police. Levi and Hange proceed to torture one of the members for information, to Connie's horror.[24] The captured members reveal that the reason Historia is so valuable is because the Reiss family is actually the true royal family, which would make Historia a potential heir to the throne.[25]


Connie's abilities put him in the top 10 of the graduated trainees. He is said to be "slow on the uptake but makes very sharp turns".[26] Connie's combat skills are shown to be more or less average, and he has yet to be shown successfully slaying a Titan.

Connie Springer's Statistics [27]:



  • Sasha Blouse - Connie and Sasha are very close friends, as they became friends very quickly. And even though they often get into mischief together and providing much of the comic relief of the series, they care and protect each other when the situation calls for it.
  • Reiner Braun - Connie greatly admires Reiner, and looks up to him as a big brother. The two were often seen together during their trainee days, and Connie notes that Reiner has protected him on multiple occasions. As such, he's shocked when Reiner's true identity is revealed and stated he wouldn't believe it until he could confront the traitors face to face. Having done so, it's unclear how he feels or if he's even had time to process everything.
  • Ymir - Their relationship is often tense, and they are prone to taking verbal shots at one another. Most of their interactions devolve into arguments, Ymir generally looking down on Connie, and Connie having no patience for Ymir's tactlessness. However, though he often calls her names and seems to hate her, when the others write Ymir off as an enemy, Connie recognizes that her actions are motivated by her love for Krista and tries to understand her.
  • Eren Yeager - Connie and Eren are on good terms. Connie initially found amusement in Eren's difficulty as a trainee, but their relationship eventually turns friendly, and Connie is later inspired to join the Survey Corps partially because of Eren. Later, the two find themselves in similar situations: both have lost their hometowns, families and have nowhere to return to.
  • Beast Titan - This mysterious Titan is responsible for the destruction of Ragako and the transformation of Connie's family and friends into Titans. Connie swears vengeance against the creature, stating firmly that he will never forgive those responsible and that next time, they have to kill it.


  • Connie's name may have multiple meanings, either from the Celtic name "Connor", meaning "son of the wolf", or "Constantia", meaning "conviction". "Springer" is Danish for "knight", "leaper", and "dolphin".
  • In a side art for Volume 11, several characters were given examples of what they would look like as Titans. Connie's form was a rather small Titan with little to no distinguishable features.


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