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Hange Zoë

Hange Zoë in anime

Hange Zoë Manga

Name Hange Zoë
Kanji ハンジ・ゾエ
Romaji Hanji Zoe
Biological Information
Gender Ambiguous (Manga)[1]
Female (Anime)
Birthday September 5th[2]
Height 170 cm[2]
Weight 60 kg[2]
Affiliation Survey Corps Logo Survey Corps
Species Human
Status Unknown
First Appearance
Manga Side Story: Captain Levi
Anime To You Two Thousand Years Later
Voice actor
Anime Romi Park (Japanese)
Jessica Calvello (English)
Quote1 Do you even know why we, the Survey Corps, shed our blood? It’s to take back our freedom! Freedom the Titans stole from us! Quote2
— Hange lecturing Pastor Nick.

Hange Zoë (ハンジ・ゾエ Hanji Zoe?) is a high standing veteran member of the Survey Corps and a squad leader (分隊長 Bun-taichō?, lit. "Leader of a squad") in charge of the fourth squad. She is an interim commander and the successor to Erwin Smith if he is forced to abandon or becomes unable to continue in his position as commander of the Survey Corps.[3] Hange conducts research on Titans to the point of being obsessed with them and as such, is deeply interested in Eren Yeager, who has the ability to shift into a Titan.


Hange Zoe

Hange's character design for the anime

Hange has long, dark, unkempt brown hair that is kept tied up in a high pony tail with bangs parted down the middle. She wears square, thick-rimmed glasses that have bands going around her head to keep them from dislodging during combat, but when out of combat she wears thin oval shaped glasses, still keeping the bands on her head most of the time. She is occasionally shown pulling her glasses up onto her forehead from time to time. Hange also has wide, brown eyes with a slight golden tint to them. She is seen wearing the normal Survey Corps uniform with a yellow button-up shirt underneath, and when on missions she wears the traditional green Survey Corps cloak.


Hange is very passionate and driven in the pursuit of new knowledge. She can be seen as hyperactive, often diving into projects without thought for personal safety (and frightening many of her subordinates in the process) while being preoccupied with observing and documenting her subjects. Some misinterpret these acts of hers as eccentric and view her as having more than a few screws loose in her head. She also enjoys discussing her research, but as the lectures can be very long and detail-oriented, not many of her fellow soldiers find them interesting.

Hange is often excited by Titans and is always eager to experiment with them, coming off as extremely emotional regarding them. For example, she cried at the amount of pain being caused to Bean during experimentation.[4] She explained this sympathetic reaction to Eren as a result of the drive to see Titans from a different perspective and learn new insights that would normally be overlooked from the traditional view of rage.[5] She is horrified when she learns that Titans used to be humans, remembering the pain she brought them.[6]

Despite her attitude toward Titans, Hange cares deeply for humanity and takes threats to her comrades very seriously, as seen when Pastor Nick is confronted for his cover up of the Walls. When he refused to talk, Hange grabbed him and held him over the side of Wall Sina, explaining that lives were lost because of him and his religious faction and stating an utter contempt for the priest.[7]


Battle of Trost District arc

Hange is seen leaving Trost District on another expedition.[8] As Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, Hannah Diamant, and Franz Kefka watch the Survey Corps leave, they and many others in the crowd admire Captain Levi. Hange teases Levi, saying that his admirers would be disappointed if they knew what a clean freak he was. Hange gleefully awaits the mission departure by the gate, just behind Erwin. Hange states that she hoped to see a Deviant Type Titan this time and how wonderful it would be. Levi tells her that there is already an abnormal Titan present and when Hange excitedly looks for it, he grabs her head and states that the abnormal is her. After the Survey Corps departs, Hange is next seen excitedly flying through an abandoned town using her Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear. Hange glides by a Titan, grabbing its attention, and lands on a roof. She promises the Titan that she is not going to hurt it, and when the Titan swings at her, she easily evades it and congratulates it on trying. She cheerfully states that it is her turn and kills the Titan. Hopping away, she turns to the Titan's body and assures it that her attack didn't hurt before it falls to the ground.[9]

During the 49th expedition outside of Wall Rose, Hange and Levi find the corpse of a fallen Survey Corps member. Upon looking at their armband, Hange states that it is from the 34th expedition, belonging to a woman named Ilse Langnar who had died a year prior. Nearby, Levi finds her notebook where she described her encounter with a Titan and how it spoke to her.[10]

The Female Titan arc

Hange Zoë is introduced as part of the group, along with Mike Zacharius, assigned to take Eren to his court hearing in front of the leaders of the military.[11] She is present with the rest of the Survey Corps as Levi beats up Eren and checks on his condition after the tribunal is over, noting that Eren's lost tooth grew back.[12]
Hange and Mike escort Eren

Hange and Mike escort Eren

Later, when Eren and the Special Operations Squad are at the former Survey Corps Headquarters, Hange explains that she is in charge of experimenting with captured Titans Sonny and Bean and begins to prep Eren on previous experiments, but noting his enthusiasm to learn, ends up talking until morning. She was about to talk about the curious precedent involving Ilse Langnar when
Hange has found a listener

Hange has found a listener

they were interrupted with news that Bean and Sonny were dead. Rushing to the site, Hange cries at the loss of the Titans.[13]

She later moves forward with the experiments on Eren. When it turns out Eren cannot turn into a Titan at will, Hange is a little disheartened.[14] However, seeing Eren's Titan hand later on earned an overly-excited response from Hange and breaks the tension between Eren and the Special Operations Squad. When she excitedly runs to Eren and touches his Titan arm, she burns her hands on the exposed muscle.[15] When Hange finds a teaspoon being clutched by Eren's Titan arm[16], she concludes that Eren's Titan powers are only awakened when he has a clear objective in mind, such as defending his friends from a cannon. She also hypothesized that this switch must have a good reason as well as being connected to the Titan's nature.[17]

Hange is present during the capture of the Female Titan and mockingly tells
Hange fires the special target capture weapon

Hange fires the Special Target Capture Weapon

her that the Special Target Capture Weapon is designed so that the more her wounds heal the more her joints will be immobilized. She then laughs and wonders what is taking Levi and Mike so long to draw out whoever is inside.[18]

When Eld Jinn wonders why they were not told of the plan to capture the Female Titan in the Forest of Giant Trees, he speculates that Erwin only told those who were in the corps before the fall of Wall Maria to be sure they weren't spies and Hange is among those mentioned.[19]

During Annie Leonhart's rampage through Stohess District, Hange again uses the special target capture weapons to halt her. After capturing Annie, Hange goes to the ground and holds her sword to Annie's eye.
Hange threatens annie

Hange threatens Annie

She tells her she is too far in to get Titans to devour and free her this time. She then states that she will be the one to devour her and that she will get all the information she can from her. Annie then shakes free and Hange safely returns to a roof top stating that they didn't have enough traps and she then orders the soldiers to follow her.[20] When Annie heads for an open area Hange tells the soldiers to split up and work their way around.[21] Later, Hange stops Keiji from continuing to try and break open the crystal Annie presumably put around herself to avoid capture. She orders the crystal containing Annie be removed to safety and worries 

Hange threatens Pastor Nick

for the future of the Survey Corps after this failure of a mission. She then notices Mikasa is still on the wall, and is surprised to see that she has found a Titan within the hole. This makes Hange speculate if there are Titans all throughout the walls. She is then approached by Pastor Nick who begs the soldiers to stop sunlight from hitting the Titan's face to prevent it from awakening.[22]

After this, Hange tries to question the Pastor about what they had just seen, but he roughly states that they do not need to know anything about it, and even threatens to demand compensation for damages done to his church. Furious at his attitude, she grabs Nick and holds him over the side of the wall as a threat, demanding that Nick explain why there are Titans inside the Wall.

Hange comes to the conclusion that his religion has been so opposed to Wall modifications because of what they know is inside the Wall. She claims that the people of the Survey Corps sacrifice their lives hoping that one day it will mean something, and because of this they have the right to know what they saw inside the wall and why it's there.

However, Pastor Nick refuses to reveal anything and clearly shows that he would rather die than tell his secrets, but Hange decides to let him live and throws him back onto the wall.[7]

Clash of the Titans arc

Twenty hours after Titans are sighted in Wall Rose, Hange is seen on a carriage with Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, and Pastor Nick. When Armin questions the reasoning for Nick being there Hange explains that Nick and the Wall Cult are keeping secrets about the Titans within the wall. When Eren lashes out at him Hange explains that Nick is now considering talking, so he is going to see what the effects of the current situation are doing to the people and she explains that he is probably keeping quiet because there is a motive greater than saving humanity. It is revealed that Levi is holding Nick at gunpoint and he states that
Hange is still hopeful

Hange believes there is still hope for humanity

he will easily keep an eye on Nick.

Levi then asks why Hange is fiddling with a rock in her hands and she explains that it is a piece of hardened flesh that fell off Annie when she was trapped in Stohess and that it hasn't evaporated. When she says this Armin is shocked and questions it, as Hange states that when compared to the wall material it is the same. they then theorize that the entire wall is made up of hardened Titan flesh. Armin suggests that if an operation were to be carried out at night, they may be able to make it to Wall Maria and have Eren plug the hole with his Titan body if he could harden it.[23]

Pastor Nick, after seeing the state of the citizens due to the Wall Rose breach, finally tells her and the other members of the Survey Corps about Historia and that she knows more about the walls having Titans in them. She went under an assumed name after she was caught in the middle of her relative's dispute, and will tell the corps more about it if she chooses to. When Eren, Mikasa, and Armin hear that Krista Lenz is a fake name, they are shocked and run off to find her. Hange states she doesn't know all the new recruits from the 104th Trainees Squad and Mikasa describes her as the girl always with Ymir. This greatly shocks Hange and Levi as the Titan that spoke with Ilse Langnar spoke about someone named Ymir.[24]

After Castle Utgard falls, Hange and her squad come to save and evacuate the reaming soldiers. She is shocked when she realizes that Ymir is a Titan Shifter and is worried for the wounds she sustained after fighting off the Titans.[25]

The surviving soldiers are brought on top of the walls and Hange overviews the situation on Ymir's wounds and speaks of her value to humanity to Historia Reiss after learning her name is not Krista Lenz. When Hannes arrives with the Garrison vanguard, Hange gives orders to stand by in Trost as there is no breach. When Reiner Braun reveals to Eren that he and Bertolt Hoover are the Colossal and Armored Titans, Eren has a flash back to Hange briefing them on two suspects of Colossal and Armored Titan identities. Hange explains that Reiner and Bertolt came from the same area as Annie and that they were on the right flank of the expedition where Annie appeared as The Female Titan. When everyone dismisses them being affiliated with her, Armin recalls that Reiner drew out Eren's location from him and probably wrote it on Annie's hand when she captured him. Hange then states that they are not to know that they are suspected.[26]
Hange fights the Colossal Titan

Hange leads an attack against the Colossal Titan

After the transformation of The Colossal and Armored Titans, Hange directs soldiers fighting the Colossal atop the wall while Eren, transformed, fights the Armored on the ground. After dodging a swing by it, Hange attempt to launch an attack on the half transformed Colossal but it emits a huge burst of constant hot steam and Hange then tells her soldiers to stand by until it stops. Hange then takes the first squad with her down the wall and directs their attack at the Armored Titan.[27]

Hange leads an effort to back up Eren in his battle against the Armored Titan. She strategizes with Eren when she jumps on his shoulder and tells him to break Reiner's legs. Hange then remembers history concerning armor and how knights needed to be able to move. She is able to
Hange strategizes

Hange strategizes with the soldiers

accurately deduct that the seemingly-invulnerable Armored Titan has unprotected areas at the joints to allow freedom of movement. This allows Eren and Mikasa to bring him down, but after he lets out a loud scream,[28] the Colossal Titan drops from the Wall on top of Eren and the soldiers.[29]

It is revealed that the Colossal Titan disappeared when it fell off the wall and that Reiner and Bertolt kidnapped Ymir and Eren. Those who were on the lower part of the wall were hit with a heat wave and wind pressure from his fall. Hange is heavily injured and unable to move at this time and it has been five hours since Eren was taken.[30] Erwin arrives with reinforcements and some of the Military Police Brigade. Hange then crawls over to a soldier and grabs their ankle, weakly telling them to give her a map. Still laying on her stomach, Hange explains that they probably went to a nearby Forest of Giant Trees. Though it was small she says, they are probably exhausted from fighting and need to be shielded from other Titans. Hange states that they have until nightfall to reach them.[31]

The Uprising arc

In the following two weeks, Hange would recover completely and supervise the investigation of Ragako. Aided by Connie Springer, Hange uncovers the horrifying truth that Titans were humans, transformed by some unknown means into mindless beings. Though shaken by this revelation, she is able to complete
Hange and Connie explain that Titans are humans

Hange's reaction after explaining her discovery that Titans used to be humans

the investigation and present her findings to Erwin and Dot Pixis.

It is noted that previous experiments had never uncovered anything unusual about the napes of a Titan's neck, suggesting the Titan form absorbs the human pilot completely. All that remains is a fused nervous system, leading Hange to theorize that the true means to slay a Titan is decapitation of what remains of the human.[32]

Shortly afterwards, Hange is present in a meeting with Squad Levi discussing the idea of using Eren's Titan hardening abilities to seal the hole in Wall Maria, and expresses her desire to perform some experiments about it. She then sadly informs them that Pastor Nick had been found murdered in his room. Immediately suspicious, Hange went to the crime scene and interrogated the two members of the Military Police guarding the site, Djel Sanes and Ralph, while pretending to simply be an old friend of the victim.

Upon observing Nick's corpse, Hange was able to note tell-tale signs of torture on him and wounds on Sanes' hands that suggested he had taken part in the beating. Though pretending to believe the official story that Nick was killed in a robbery, Hange told Sanes that once she finds the culprits, she will inflict them even more pain than what they caused to Nick.[33]
Mikasa frees Eren

Hange and Mikasa cut Eren out of his Titan

Hange is later seen performing experiments on Eren's Titan, which looks heavily deformed and lies unconscious on the ground. Hange screams desperately asking him for answers, but having received none, she and Mikasa intervene and try to free him from the Titan, whose flesh is strongly attached to his face. Seeing this, Hange asks Moblit Berner to make a sketch of it. Mikasa cuts the Titan's flesh with her blade and Hange declares the experiment to be over.[34]

The experiment results

Hange explains the experiment's results

After Eren regains consciousness with no memory of what happened, Hange explains to him the details of the experiment, which during the first hour went good, with Eren showing control of his Titan and response to commands; though being unable to harden and speak.

However, at some point and for no apparent reason, Eren looked in pain and wrote on the ground "my father... to me", which intrigues Hange. After that, Eren left his Titan form and transformed two more times, though on each occasion looking more tired and his Titan being smaller and more deformed, culminating with her and Mikasa having to release him.[35]

Despite these failures, Hange expresses optimism that they were able to get useful information about Eren's versatility and limitations.[36] She states that the Wall Cult should have information about the process of hardening, since they are aware that the Walls are made of hardened Titans, and trusts that Erwin, who is on his way to the capital, can find out something.[37]

After squad Levi kidnaps Djel Sanes, she is seen alongside Levi preparing to fulfill her promise about torturing him.[38]

The Survey Corps begins to conspire to rebel against the monarchy and discover the secrets they are willing to kill for. When Sanes is captured by the Survey Corps, Levi aids her in interrogating him as well as gaining revenge for Nick's murder. Hange reveals a much crueler side during the interrogation, expressing
Hange tortures Djel

Hange tortures Djel Sanes with Levi

eagerness to learn how to torture humans and asking Sanes' advice while removing his fingernails. This sadistic behavior horrifies the corrupt officer, who begs them to ask questions before torturing him. Instead, they take turns torturing the prisoner with Levi beating him while Hange removes nails and even a tooth. Afterwards, they leave him alone while fetching his comrade, Ralph. They force him at knife-point to read a script outside Sanes' door, making him believe he has been betrayed and is considered a lunatic by his comrades. This causes the man to break, revealing to Hange the secret of the Reiss family -- the true rulers of mankind.[39] Once they have finished extracting information from him, Sanes is escorted to the same cell as his comrade. Hange becomes angry and mocks him at length, revealing the truth about Ralph's apparent betrayal. Sanes is deeply shaken, but he warns her that someone else will take his place and wishes her luck. Visibly shaken, Hange leaves the dungeon and enters a room, violently kicking over a table. When Eren enters the room, she insists that her actions were based of a cockroach. He shares with her the recollection of Bertolt and Ymir's conversation, which shocks Hange enough that she rushes off to speak to Erwin.[40]
Chapter 57 Cover

Hange informs Erwin

Out of breath upon arriving at headquarters, Hange collapses on the ground before Erwin and warns him their plans may be ruined. Eren's notes lead her to theorize that Titans can absorb the powers of their victims, which allowed Ymir to go from an ordinary Titan to a Titan Shifter after devouring one. She states that Reiner most likely threw Titans at the soldiers in hopes of Eren being devoured, creating a new Shifter in possession of the Coordinate. In the same fashion, Hange believes that the Reiss family are going to feed Eren to a Titan in order to pass the Coordinate on to someone they can control.[41]

Their meeting is interrupted by the arrival of the first Brigade, who accuse the Survey Corps of murdering Dimo Reeves. Preparing to meet them and face their charges, Erwin names Hange as his successor and entrusts the Survey Corps to her. Afterwards, she discovers Flegel hiding in an alleyway and carries him onto a roof top. There, she learns what really happened to his father and attempts to persuade him to continue fighting in his father's stead. When he states they have already lost, Hange reminds him with a smile that the Survey Corps has always had a losing record.[42]

At the Berg newspaper headquarters in Stohess District, writer Roy and new writer Beaure discuss why the newspaper lies and makes the Military Police sound like heroes and slanders the Survey Corps, saying they killed MPs who were defending civilians.
Hange appears at Berg

Hange appears at Berg Newspaper

Roy states that he used to be full of passion for this job but he gained friends, family, and things he wanted to protect and care about more than his own problems. He then notice Beaure looking startled and sees Hange sitting on a desk between them. She introduces herself as a squad leader from the Survey Corps and states she now knows the newspaper is fiction controlled by the government as Moblit enters through the door. Hange claims she was going to break their hands so they could no longer write but she sees they are in a position of fear, trying to protect their families. Beaure begins
Hange dodges a shot

Hange dodges a shot

taking notes as Molbit twists his hand and Hange tells him to stop over reacting. She then picks up the pen and asks the men to run a report on them for just one day.

Later, Flegel Reeves is seen cornered by three MPs and one of them points a shot gun at him. Flegel asks to know why they killed his father before he dies and the soldier tells him that he betrayed them for the Survey Corps. Flegel wonders if he had been asks to kidnap someone from the corps and when the MP agrees he asks the what the consequence for saying no would be. The MP soldier states he would have been killed and that he could have been safe if he didn't care about the people of Trost District so much. Flegel states that they need and points upward as Hange and Moblit crash down on two of them.

The first MP fires at Hange but she dodges the bullet and punches the soldier out, scream that her hand hurt. Hange states that they did it an the MP sees many Trost citizens emerge from the 'abandoned' buildings. The MP soldier shouts out that their witnesses to the truth don't matter and that they'll suffer until Flegel sits on his head and claims he will take over the Reeves company. Hange congratulates him and walks over to Roy and Beaure. Beaure says they should clear the Survey Corps name but Roy denies him and says he can't for the sake of their co-workers
Hange arrives with the good news

Hange arrives with the news

and families safety. He says that anyone who disobeys will disappear, just like the miner who tried to dig under the wall. He asks Hange is she really has the right to make him kill everyone with this article and she stares at is weary eyes in contemplation.[43]

Hange, along side Marlo Freudenberg and Hitch Dreyse, later finds Levi and his squad after they attacked the Military Police headquarters and Levi attempted to beat information out of a captured MP. She tells them that the false charges against the Survey Corps have been dropped and that their actions were seen as legitimate self-defense. She goes on to tell them that the royal capital and the administrative district are now under Commander-in-Chief Darius Zacly's control and finally that there has been no counter rebellion so far. As the squad rejoices in their regained freedom, Hange remembers Bearue convincing Roy to make him print the proper article, and how Flegel, Dimo Reeves, Pixis, and Erwin's action made this possible. Levi then admits to Hange that the three soldiers from her squad that were with him had died and that he did not know where Eren and Historia were. Hange then presents them with a tip and tells them she has an idea of where they are and claims they will end the battle there.[44]

After getting Berg newspapers to distribute the truth about the Military Police and the Survey Corps, Hange and Moblit went to a stable and met with Marlo and Hitch. She introduced them as friends of the 'short guy' and asked if they would take them to him. On the way they were met with a crowd of villagers who gave them information on the Reiss family. After learning this Hange sent Moblit to deliver the news to Erwin and then met up with Levi and his squad. After explaining that Eren may be eaten in order to have his Titan shifting powers taken, she explains a report commissioned by Erwin of a survey on the Reiss family grounds. She explains that if they're with them, Eren and Historia are likely on their grounds and that some Survey
Hange reviews the scouts report

Hange reviews the scouts reports

Corps soldiers disguised as farmers were able to gather intel on the family and most of what they got led back to and incident five years ago where Rod Reiss, who already had five children, had an illegitimate child with a servant.

Hange retells that the night Wall Maria fell their chapel was robbed by bandits and then burned by the ground, all of the family was massacred except for Rod who immediately rebuilt the chapel which Hange found suspicious. She also speculated that normal thieves wouldn't destroy a stone chapel with fire, they would just take what they wanted and leave. Hange then says that a few days later, Historia's mother, Alma, was killed by Kenny Ackerman and Rod began trying to make plans to meet with her, Hange states that this may be why the Reiss family wanted her. Hange states that it would be strange if Titans weren't involved in this and that it is definitely worth checking out for Eren could soon be eaten.[45]

While Marlo and Hitch ask a local for information, Hange, Levi, and his squad sit outside on the horse wagon. Levi explains that Kenny will be their biggest threat and describes him as Levi himself if he were on the enemy side. Hange states that though me may be well trained, if the previous day was his first time using the Anti-Personnel Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear in battle, there may be a significant opening. Hange then asks Levi why he has so little information regarding Kenny as they previously lived together but Levi says that he didn't even know his last name was Ackerman until yesterday. He then questions Mikasa's possible relation to him and asks her if she ever had a moment where she felt a power suddenly awoke inside her. Remembering her adrenaline rush when she killed the bandit threatening Eren's life, she agrees and Levi states that he too had a moment like that.[46]

Hange kills an interior soldier

Hange kills an interior MP

Hange, Levi, and his squad arrive at the Reiss chapel, finding the hidden doorway to the caves below while Marlo and Hitch stand guard outside. Hange states that she hopes her ideas of the terrain are accurate as Levi notes that it would be nice if their detour to get 'presents' pays off Armin states that the preparations are complete. While the interior MPs await them inside for an ambush, the Survey Corps charges open the door to the cave and roll in several gas canisters tied to barrels. They then charge in behind as Sasha Blouse fires a flaming arrow at them, creating a large smoke cloud as they explode. They then dive into the fight, hidden by smoke clouds and signal flares as Armin fires the flares and Sasha fires arrows from the stairs. In the battle Armin mentally notes that Hange's layout idea was correct and Hange recalls Armin's idea to create a smoke screen to fight off the MPs. The corps continue to pick
Hange is wounded by an MP

Hange is wounded

off the enemies one by one and Hange remembers that if they are to fire two shots they need time to reload. Noticing an open soldier, she is able to maneuver in and pierce her sword all the way through their chest, killing them and splattering blood back on her face. However, Kenny's main underling notices this and fires off two shots to get Hange's attention. As she wonders if this MP has a death wish she notices she was baited into a position in which the soldier fires a hook into her right shoulder, She then dispatches the hook, throwing Hange into a wall. Hange then crashes down on the floor, wounded and bloody, as her comrades call out to her. Levi then orders Armin to care for her while the rest of the squad advances.[47]
Hange weakly speaks

Hange weakly speaks about the First King.

After the squad Levi escapes the Reiss caves and follows after a now Titan Rod, Hange is seen laying in one of the wagons with her gear off, still wounded. Hange weakly speaks and says that she is going to name the power inside Eren the 'progenitor Titan' and that they now know that only people of the Reiss bloodline can use its true power. She then claims that if any Reiss member does get the power that they will be controlled by the ideology of the first king and will not free humanity. She wonders that this is what the first king thought was true peace and smiles a little, saying that is a funny way to look at things. After Eren claims that he is willing to be eaten so Rod Reiss can be detained and have information drawn from him, Historia suggests that they will be unable to do it and Mikasa claims that they must be able to use the progenitor Titan without Reiss blood. Hange then asks Historia if she's really okay with that, saying that they will have to kill the Titan that is her father if they don't have a use for him. Historia then apologizes to Eren for seriously intending to eat him just so her father wouldn't hate her.

When the squad is close enough, Eren begins trying to use the coordinate to halt Rod, but he is unsuccessful. Erwin and a few other soldiers are issuing orders when one of them spots squad Levi. Hange states that Rod doesn't seem to be reacting to Eren at all and asks if he did anything different when he killed the Smiling Titan. Eren remembers and begins to make a punching motion in the air as Hange again states he's not reacting. Erwin approaches Levi and
Hange theorizes Rods actions

Hange theorizes Rod's actions

asks for updates on the situation and how everyone is. Levi claims that only Hange is wounded as she sits up and loudly greets Erwin as she waves to him, much to Eren's surprise. Erwin states that it doesn't look serious and then asks about Rod Reiss' Titan. After Levi informs him he asks what Erwin plans to do.

Later in the Orvud District, Garrison soldiers are terrified at Erwin's idea to use the citizens as bait to lure in the Titan. Hange, sitting on the floor holding her shoulder, then claims that the Titan is an abnormal and that it is drawn to large areas of people. She states that if they are to move the citizens inside of Wall Sina that it will break it down and head to Mitras, killing many people. Erwin states that they are going to keep the citizens by the gate, pretending that this is an emergency evacuation drill. The Garrison then painfully agree to the methods and prepare the citizens. As the sun rises, the Survey Corps are stationed on top of the wall as Historia appears and demands Levi let her join the fight. With too little time to decide , Levi directs his attention to the Titan as it crawls just outside of the wall.[48]

Eren puts Hanges weapon into action

Eren puts Hange's weapon into action

While the Garrison fire cannons at Rod Reiss to no avail, Levi and Erwin discuss their strategy as Hange runs up to them with her arm in a sling, saying she brought all the gunpowder she could get, ropes, and a net, but states it still has to be put together. Moblit then appears with a barrel of powder on a wheels as Hange states that you can fire this one and use the triggers to wind it back in. She then asks Levi how the shelling is going to which he states that it is not going well. Erwin then instructs Levi, Jean, Sasha, and Connie to assemble Hange's weapon, described as putting a bunch of rocks inside a sock to make a blunt object. As the Titan nears, the wind changes direction and blows its steam onto the soldiers to which they respond by dumping water on themselves. Rod's Titan then climbs up onto the Wall and kneels in front of it, exposing its shredded off face and revealed organs. At that moment Eren transforms and grabs the haul of gunpowder Hange brought. Sasha and Armin fire the wheeled gunpowder barrels at his hands, making him lose balance. Eren then runs up to the Titan and throws the weapon inside its exposed mouth. It is then ignited by the hot steam Rod produces and explodes the Titan. The soldiers then launch into the air, cutting the chunks of flesh in an attempt to sever the nape. Historia then hones in on the chunk containing her father and slices through it, killing him.[49]

When Historia is crowned the rightful queen of the walls, Hange, now fully healed, is present in the audience watching her.[50]

Hange is excited about her Titan Guillotine

Hange is excited about the success of her Titan Guillotine

Two months after Historia's coronation, Hange is actively engaged in running tests on Eren's Titan hardening ability in preparation for their journey to Wall Maria. She is seen in Trost District watching as a soldier lures a Titan into Hange's own invention which appears to be a Titan Guillotine. As it crushes and kills a Titan, she and Moblit cheer and rejoice in the success of the invention. Hange states that they can run these all day without the need for soldiers fighting Titans or using cannons and other resources. She then eccentrically tells the newspapermen, including Beaure, that this is more good news for humanity and to spread it to the people. She then turns to Eren and says that they can mass produce these and put them in every wall city but interrupts herself when she see's Levi handing Eren a handkerchief for a nosebleed he has. She questions it and Levi states that it's probably from overusing his Titan powers and that he's been doing nothing but hardening experiments lately. He then states that Hange should assume there's a limit to how many rocks he can make and that includes what he does with his own body. She is then quiet for a moment and apologizes to Eren, saying she was too caught up in her own ideas. He then tells her not to be sorry because he's a little tired and that they have this amazing weapon now and that they should make more. Eren expresses happiness in the thought of Titans being killed without humans being eaten. He then states that they now just have to close the hole in Wall Maria and keep using the guillotine to kill off Titans. He claims that they'll eventually clean all the Titans out from Wall Maria and that they should ready their weapons and go to Shiganshina District.

Hange and Pixis discuss the Reiss findings

Pixis and Hange discuss the Reiss findings

Hange is later present at a military meeting headed by Darius Zackly. He commends the Survey Corps for their excellent job on the Titan guillotine and claims that the retaking of Wall Maria is starting to look realistic. He then asks Erwin how his night time pathing to Shiganshina District is going to which he replies that thanks to the shining ore form the Reiss cave they are able to do work much faster and that they've secured a path more than half way in. Erwin claims that their preparations should be ready within a month and they intend to devote their full strength to repay the souls of their fellow soldiers. Zackley then wishes them luck on finding what they need in the Shiganshina basement and the meeting is dismissed. In another room, Commander Pixis asks Hange how her analysis of the contents of the bottle found in the Reiss caves is going. She states that she knows it is made form spinal fluid thanks to Eren and Historia, but claims that since it evaporates as soon as it touches air it is hard to research. She says that this stuff is far beyond their capabilities and questions what the Reiss family did if they created it. Pixis claims that they must use it for its intended purpose and it is entrusted to the soldier with the highest chance of survival, Levi. [51]

At dinner Eren remembers Hange explaining to him that Ymir was actually a Titan that wondered around outside the walls, based on her conversation with Reiner and Bertolt. Hange then ponders a theory to herself for a moment and states that she will have to talk to the commander.[52]

Return to Shiganshina arc

Hange confronts Instructor Shadis

Hange confronts Instructor Shadis

When Eren remembered seeing the face of his instructor, Keith Shadis, in his father's memories,[53] Hange went along with him, Jean, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, and Sasha to inquire with Instructor Shadis about his involvement with Dr. Yeager.[54] When they arrived at the training grounds, Hange asked Keith if he knew why they were there to talk to him that day, to which he did not respond.[55] After listening to Keith's story of saving Eren's father and introducing him to Carla Yeager, which had eventually led to him stepping down as commander and going on to train new recruits,[56] Hange becomes irritated and accuses him of leaving to atone for the many deaths he caused, but she then corrects herself and states that he retired to the training camp out of feelings of obligation and inferiority to others. She then questions his care for if he is special, feeling very confused about such a belief. Hange then stands up and claims that he ran away for a childish reason and Levi tells her to stop. She states that he doesn't need to decide if his information is helpful and tells him not to bring his feelings of inferiority into this matter. She salutes her heart, saying that isn't that what it is to devote your heart to the greater good until she is asked to stop again by Eren and sits down.[57]

A meeting of the Survey Corps

A meeting of the Survey Corps

After her return from the cadet corps training ground, Hange participates in a meeting of a few Survey Corps members in which she explains to Erwin all the information Instructor Shadis gave to her and Squad Levi. Erwin and Hange then speculate what Grisha Yeager's purpose for coming to the walls was, thinking that he may have wanted to help humanity but was unable to. They then ponder about what is in the basement of his Shiganshina home that he wanted to share with 10 year old Eren. Erwin states that the basement may hold the memories that the Reiss family wiped from humanity, but then says that if they really want to know, they must go to the basement themselves and see. Erwin claims that the operation will begin in two days and Hange,
Erwin excited

Hange and Levi watch as Erwin cheers back at the citizens

along with the other corps members begin to leave the room. Just as she steps out of the door, she notices Levi lean against it and then shut it behind her.[58] Hange is later seen in the diner hall eating with the same Survey Corps members. As Sasha and the other members of Squad Levi fight over food, she questions who's idea it was to give them the meat in the first place.[59]

Two days later just before sunset, Hange and the Survey Corps higher ups salute Darius Zackly, Dot Pixis, and other members of the brass before going atop the Trost District outer wall. As they stand on the wall, Flegel Reeves and other citizens of the Trost District cheer for the Survey Corps, telling them to bring back Wall Maria and saying the future of mankind is in their hands. Hange watches as Erwin shouts down at the crowd in a ray of excitement for their impending victory. The soldiers then go down to the other side of the wall and mount their horses as Erwin orders that they commence the operation. Hange is seen by Erwin's right side as he shouts for the teams to advance and the 58th expedition outside the walls begins.[60]

A Titan is spotted

A Titan is spotted

As the expedition for Shiganshina District is under way, the Survey Corps walk though a mountain forest in the darkness of night time, nearing dawn. Jean is able to spot a sitting Titan only when it was just a few feet from the corps. Hange quickly orders that they
Hange worries about the lack of Titans

Hange worries about the lack of Titans

illuminate the Titan, using the shining rocks from the Reiss Chapel. She briefly observes the Titan and orders them to leave it alone as it is shutting down due to lack of sunlight. Eren asks Hange how the could have not noticed the Titan until it was so close, to which she responds by saying that normally she wouldn't agree to walking in the darkness but it is that very darkness that it protecting them. Hange then begins to explain that when Connie and Historia encountered a moving Titan at night, it was probably due to the fact that it was new and was gaining power from the small amount of sunlight reflected on the moon. Though it's just a hypothesis, Hange claims that choosing a night with a new moon was a good plan. She then grins and mentions that she hopes they can capture a moonlight powered Titan one day.[61]

Soon after, they reach the foot of the mountain and remount their horses. Erwin the orders the corps to switch to Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear and rush Shiganshina. One hundred soldiers fly towards the open gate in order to confuse any enemies laying in wait to try and stop Eren.[62] As Hange and Levi fire off signal flares, the two mention how odd it is that they haven't seen a single Titan and that they are probably playing into the enemies hands. However, the state that they must continue on in their mission and watch as Eren flies above the gate and prepares to transform.[63]

After Eren succeeds in sealing the main hole in Wall Maria, Hange asks a subordinate if there are any enemies around. When she receives word that there is not, they begin moving to the second gate to finish sealing the holes. Seeing a signal flare from Erwin, she orders her squad to take up positions atop Wall Maria. It is from there that they witness Reiner's temporary defeat at the hands of Levi, and the emergence of the Beast Titan and his army.[64]
36 (1)

The corps are faced with the Beast Titan's army

As Reiner, in his Titan form, begins to scale Wall Maria, Hange explains to a confused Eren that Erwin has not yet acted because he is observing the enemy's movements. On Erwin's orders, she has Eren act as bait to draw Reiner into a fight, where her squad will ambush him.[65] As Eren and Reiner fight, Hange's squad begins to surround them, with Hange advising Mikasa not to engage until Reiner is completely surrounded, and to wait until Eren provides them with an opening to attack. When Eren successfully manages to move Reiner into an area of town with a number of tall buildings, Hange and Mikasa attack, using their new Thunder Spears to to blind him. Watching as the rest of her squad manage to destroy Reiner's nape and expose his human form, Hange orders them to attack once again, and kill him.[66] Believing Reiner to be dead, Hange and her squad are shocked when his Titan form begins to roar. Deciding that they will simply have to completely destroy Reiner's entire body, Hange begins to order her troops to attack again, but is interrupted by a panicked Armin, who informs Hange of his theory that Bertolt will be attacking them from the air.[67]
Hange and Moblit Explosion

Hange and Moblit are caught in the Colossal Titan's explosive transformation

They flee from the predicted blast radius until they realize Bertolt has halted in his attack. As part of the Survey Corps surrounds Bertolt, Hange leads the rest of the soldiers to finish off Reiner. As they come upon the Armored Titan lying supine upon the ground, Hange spots Bertolt flying overhead just before he transforms into the Colossal Titan. Hange, Moblit, and the soldiers under her command are caught in the explosion during his transformation.[68]


Hange Zoë's Statistics [69]:



  • Levi Ackerman - They work well together as senior members of the Survey Corps, and Hange appears to enjoy teasing him on occasion. Levi often uses insulting terms to refer to her and seems annoyed by her eccentric behavior. Though the two may clash every now and again, they trust each others ideas and plans for serious situations, such as missions or the break in on the Reiss chapel.[70]
  • Eren Yeager - Hange is one of the first to welcome him into the Survey Corps, and is put in charge of studying him. She takes to this with great enthusiasm and becomes one of his most ardent supporters.
  • Ilse Langnar - While a close relationship was not shown, Hange recognized Ilse's armband knowing she had died during the 34th expedition. Hange was also said to have inherited Ilse's will as it was from Ilse's notes that she took up trying to communicate with Titans. It was later shown as well that it was from her notes that Hange recognized the name of Ymir.
  • Keith Shadis - Hange once respected Keith as her commanding officer when he previously lead the Survey Corps, however, when she and Squad Levi sought him out for information, she learned of his 'foolish' ideas and develops negative feelings for him[71], saying he is not worth their time. When Hange later exits a meeting with Erwin and other corps members, one of them remarks that Hange once had a crush on Keith, to which she responds by telling the soldier to shut their stupid mouth.[72]


  • The author, Hajime Isayama, has left Hange's gender open to interpretation as he told his editor that 'either one is fine' [73] and instructed Kodansha USA not to confirm any gender in their translation.[74] Since then, Kodansha has removed gendered pronouns for Hange in their translation, and clarified that indeed, Hange's gender is up to the reader's interpretation.[1] The anime and the live-action movie on the other hand, have consistently depicted Hange as female.
  • According to Hajime Isayama in an interview, Hange is the scariest when angry.[citation needed]
  • According to Hange Zoe's character interview, Levi forcefully bathes Hange by hitting her and making her lose consciousness.[citation needed]
  • When Hange Zoe was asked in the character interview about her type of partner, she answered "Someone who is fine even if I can’t pay attention to them, I guess."[citation needed]
  • According to Hajime Isayama in an interview, Hange's eyesight is so poor that she can't tell Jean apart from Reiner without her glasses. [citation needed]
  • It's implied by one of the newer squad leaders that, Hange used to have a crush on Keith Shadis.[75]


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