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Hitch close-up

Name Hitch
Biological Information
Gender Female
Affiliation Brigade Logo Military Police Brigade
Grad Rank Presumably Top 10
Species Human
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Grin
Anime Smile
Voice actor
Anime Akeno Watanabe
Image Gallery
Hitch (ヒッチ Hitchi?) is a member of the Military Police stationed in Stohess District.


Hitch has a somewhat catty appearance, with large amber eyes and short light brown hair. She would don the Military Police uniform like her fellow officers.


Hitch acts immature in certain ways, and seems to enjoy teasing and needling her fellow officers. She claims she chose to join the Military Police out of laziness, as it's well known that the senior staff are incredibly corrupt and she wanted to benefit from the system herself, but didn't take into account that as a newbie her superiors would dump all their work on her. When Marlowe claims to have joined the Military Police for noble reasons, Hitch breaks out into laughter and it's implied she only got in through dishonorable merits. She does, however, state that she never would have chosen the Military Police if she had known that she would get stuck with all the work, implying that she did in fact earn her way in, and that Boris was merely insulting her.


The Female Titan arcEdit

Hitch is a member of the same Military Police unit as Annie Leonhart, and teases her for sleeping late. Boris Feulner is upset with Hitch's conduct and tells her to leave Annie alone. He also points out that she is the only one of their unit to have actually fought Titans in Trost District. He goes on to suggest that she's jealous of Annie because she got into the Military Police with merit, while Hitch herself only got in through dishonorable means. However, the conversation is interrupted by the arrival of their superior, who assigns them to protect the Survey Corps convoy carrying Eren Yeager.

Clash of the Titans arcEdit

In the aftermath of the fight between Annie and Eren in their Titan forms, she complains about Annie skipping out on her duties. She is completely unaware that Annie was the Female Titan and therefore would be detained.


Her actual abilities are unknown, as she never participates in combat. Boris Feulner suggests she lacks the abilities necessary to have ranked a place in the Military Police through honest means. Despite this, she shows abilities of persuasion when Marlowe is being beaten.

Hitch's Statistics[1]:

Battle Skill


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