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Hitch Dreyse

Hitch close-up

Hitch character image

Name Hitch Dreyse
Kanji ヒッチ・ドリス
Romaji Hicchi Dorisu
Biological Information
Gender Female
Height 168 cm
Weight 53 kg
Affiliation Brigade Logo Military Police Brigade
Former Affiliation 104th Trainees Squad
Grad Rank Top 10
Species Human
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Grin
Anime Smile
Voice actor
Anime Akeno Watanabe (Japanese)

Brittney Karbowski (English)

Hitch Dreyse (ヒッチ・ドリス Hicchi Dorisu?) is a member of the Military Police stationed in Stohess District. She is a graduate of the 104th Trainees Squad, though she is not from the same division Eren Yeager belonged to.


Hitch has a somewhat catty appearance, with large amber eyes and chin length shaggy, wavy light brown hair. She wears the standard Military Police Brigade uniform like her fellow officers, except she wears a light green shirt underneath.


Hitch acts immature in certain ways, and seems to enjoy teasing and needling her fellow officers. She claims she chose to join the Military Police out of laziness, as it's well known that the senior staff are incredibly corrupt and she wanted to benefit from the system herself, but she didn't take into account that as a newbie her superiors would dump all their work on her. When Marlo claims to have joined the Military Police for noble reasons, Hitch breaks out into laughter and it's implied she only got in through dishonourable merits. She does, however, state that she never would have chosen the Military Police if she had known
Hitch lectures Levi

Hitch boldly bad-mouths Levi

that she would get stuck with all the work, implying that she did in fact earn her way in, and that Boris was merely insulting her.[1] Though she may act a bit air-headed at times, Hitch has a keen ear and was able to scout out Armin Arlert when he was gathering water, pointing her rifle at him with no hesitation. When she was later caught by the Survey Corps, she boldly bad-mouths to Captain Levi and was able to wound Jean Kirstein when he threatened Marlo, showing a degree of strength.[2] When she managed to escape the capture by the Survey Corps, she came back to try and bail out Marlo, implying that she cares for her comrades enough to return to danger. [3]


The Female Titan arc

Hitch is a member of the same Military Police unit as Annie Leonhart, and teases her for sleeping late. Boris Feulner is upset with Hitch's conduct and tells her to leave Annie alone, pointing out that she is the only one in their unit to have actually fought Titans in Trost District and goes on to suggest that she's jealous of Annie because she got into the Military Police with merit, implying that Hitch only got in through dishonourable means. However, their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of their superior, who assigns them to protect the Survey Corps escorts carrying Eren Yeager through Stohess District that day.

Hitch breaks down in laughter

Hitch breaks down in laughter at Marlo's notions

Hitch is later seen in the courtyard with her fellow soldiers, complaining about the harsh amount of work loaded onto the new recruits. When Marlo Freudenberg begins to lecture the group and claims to be the one who will fix up the MPs, Hitch breaks down in laughter at his ideas. The group are later seen patrolling the streets, on their way to their stations for their work that day. They then see some of their superiors selling off their gear to the market and Marlo goes to confront them. However, they begin seriously beating him and after Annie interferes, Hitch is seen apologizing and also trying to get them to leave Marlo alone.[1]
Hitch and Marlo watch the destruction of Stohess

Hitch and Marlo watch the destruction of Stohess District

After the fight between Annie Leonhart and Eren begins, Stohess is in utter ruin and Hitch can be seen on a roof top with Marlo and her other soldiers, questioning why there would be Titans fighting inside of Wall Sina.[4]

Clash of the Titans arc

In the aftermath of the fight between Annie and Eren in their Titan forms, Hitch complains about Annie skipping out on her duties as she is completely unaware that Annie was the Female Titan and therefore had been detained.[5]

The Uprising arc

Mikasa and Levi capture Marlo and Hitch

Hitch and Marlo are caught by the Survey Corps

Accompanying Marlo in an attempt to capture wanted Survey Corps members, both are seen strolling deep into a forest. Hitch expresses her opinions on the recent events that happened in the Stohess District, and questions where Annie is, telling Marlo that she was her room mate when Annie served in the Military Police. Their conversation is interrupted when Hitch hears water and tells Marlo to get his gun ready. The two then see Armin Arlert gathering a supply of water from a nearby river.[6] Hitch and Marlo both order Armin to put his hands up into the air, only to fall into his trap. Mikasa and Levi quickly jump behind the two, take their guns away and rid them of their other weapons and uniforms. Levi then questions Hitch and Marlo about their current positions in the Military Police as they sit on the ground with their wrists tied.[7]

Hitch blames Levi for the death of innocent people in Stohess District

Hitch, angry at the Survey Corps, blames Levi and the entire military branch for the aftermath of Stohess and for Annie's death.[8] Levi tells her that Annie herself was the Female Titan and that she was captured and is still alive.[9] Surprised, Marlo tells Levi that he would like to help the Survey Corps, but Levi doesn't buy in and orders Sasha Blouse to escort them somewhere else before releasing them. Jean Kirstein interferes and offers to take them instead, taking them to a planned area.[10]

Arriving at the spot where Jean was to release them, he admits that he intends to kill the two of them with a knife because they are dangerous. As Marlo panics and explains that Levi didn't want them to be killed, Jean says that this is his personal decision and the others know nothing.[11] Jean then tries to stab them but trips and loses the knife. Marlo grabs it while Hitch runs and Jean struggles with Marlo the knife when he gets back up on his feet. When Marlo gets a hold of the knife, Jean pushes him up against a tree and holds the barrel of a gun up to his throat, asking if he wanted to test if his knife was faster than his gun.[12] Marlo begs Jean to reconsider, saying he is on the Survey Corps' side. Jean then asks him to put his life in his hands and give him the knife, and Marlo quickly smiles and complies.[13]

Hitch strikes Jean

Hitch strikes Jean

Suddenly Hitch grabs a nearby branch and smashes it against Jean's head.[3] Hitch attempts to hit him again but Marlo stops her Saying that Jean was only testing him, and he never wanted to kill them as Jean lay on the ground with a small stick in his hand that he had been pretending was a gun.[14] Marlo questions Jean about why he trusted him so much and Jean tells him that he reminds him of someone he hated, referencing Eren. Marlo reaches his hand out to help Jean up, and Jean confirms that Marlo and Hitch can be trusted and their strength could be of use, saying that Levi will certainly accept their help after hearing what just happened.

Hitch and Marlo lead Squad Levi to the Interior Brigade Compound, where they are ready with rifles. Levi notes that it was thanks to Hitch, Marlo, and Jean that they made it this far. They all continue their way to the compound, saying it is their time to strike.[15]

Much later, Hitch is with a group as Hange Zoë reveals that Darius Zackly has been placed in power and the Survey Corps has been cleared of all charges. She is seen celebrating with the others and is even hugged by Sasha.[16]


Hitch's actual abilities are unknown, as she has never participated in combat. Boris Feulner suggests she lacks the abilities necessary to have been placed in the Military Police through honest means. Despite this, she shows keen abilities of persuasion when Marlo is being beaten. Hitch does not show much fear as she was able to stand up to Captain Levi for the incident in Stohess, and she later caused a bleeding wound on Jean's head with a branch when he threatened Marlo.

Hitch Dreyse's Statistics [17]:



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