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Isabel Magnolia
Anime | Manga

Isabel anime

Name Isabel Magnolia
Biological Information
Gender Female
Affiliation Survey Corps Logo Survey Corps
Species Human
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Manga Attack on Titan: No Regrets (prologue)
Anime A Choice with No Regrets (Part 1)
Voice actor
Anime Mariya Ise
Visual Novel Mana Hirata
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Isabel Magnolia (イザベル・マグノリア Izaberu Magunoria?) is a character from Attack on Titan: No Regrets, and was one of Levi's companions prior to joining the Survey Corps, the other being Farlan Church.


Isabel was a fairly young woman with green eyes, and wore her red hair in two pigtails. At one point, she had longer hair as well as longer pigtails until she had one of the pigtails cut off by others who had lived in the Underground City.[1] Prior to joining the Survey Corps, her typical attire consisted of a simple button shirt with a vest and knee-high boots.


Isabel was shown to be quite energetic, confident in her abilities, and the most cheerful of her companions. She was also quite headstrong, shown when she continued to struggle and insult the Survey Corps after she was initially captured.[2]

She apparently did not know how to do math, as she stated that math was not as important as feeding yourself in the underground.[3]

She also valued Levi as a brother figure and became emotional if Levi berated her. 


Prior to the fall of Wall Maria, Isabel was a delinquent, roaming the underground city of the capital alongside her companions Levi and Farlan Church.[4] Before she met Levi and Farlan, she had lived among garbage in the underground. She somehow obtained 3D Maneuver Gear and has become quite skilled with it.

At a later time she, Levi, and Farlan are captured by Erwin Smith of the Survey Corps. Levi is blackmailed into joining the Survey Corps, while Isabel and Farlan choose to follow him and all three resolve to one day claw their way into a better life.[5]

On her first expedition outside the walls, Isabel assisted Levi in taking down a Abnormal Titan. While displaying an energetic and bold attitude, in truth, she was overcome with fear but felt great courage and morale upon seeing Levi charge into battle.

The next day of the expedition, due to heavy rain, Levi takes the chance to hunt down Erwin; using the rain to his advantage. Despite wanting to join him, Levi forcibly demands that Isabel and Farlan leave Erwin to him, while stating Flagon and Sayram's odds are better with them there.[6] After Levi leaves to find Erwin, five Titans attack the squad Isabel and Farlan are part of after devouring another squad.

Along the way, Levi finds dead corpses and analyzes them as Titan encounters. He realizes that several Titan's footprints were heading back to where he came from. Levi returns to find the Titans attacking the squad with Isabel and Farlan trying to avoid the battle. But as they're attempting to flee, a Titan jumps out of the fog causing Farlan's Horse to fall back onto his leg; pinning him to the ground. As Isabel tries to assist Farlan in his escape, she deflects the attack of one Titan. She swings around it in an attempt to cut it's nape, but misses. She gives it a second try, but slips face first into the Titan's back, knocking her off balance causing her to hang by one wire.[7] Just barely coming to her senses she sees a Titan. She's gripped by fear as it smiles at her and prepares to attack. The Titan launches itself straight at her, killing her on the back of the Titan she was still attached to. She had been calling out to Levi for help, before being crushed in between both Titans. Her death causes Farlan to turn around and confront the Titans, but realizes too late that his fall had badly damaged his equipment and is devoured soon after.

Witnessing the deaths of the first true friends he ever had, Levi goes into blind rage and slaughters the Titans. Erwin shows up and Levi threatens to kill him, blaming Erwin for the deaths of his friends. However, Levi quickly realizes that it was his pride that had blinded him and was the real reason for Isabel and Farlan's deaths.


  • Levi Ackerman: Levi found Isabel among some garbage in the underground prior to the beginning of the story. Ever since then, the two grew close with one another. So close, that Isabel even sees Levi as a brother figure, often calling him 'aniki'. Levi is also extremely protective towards Isabel, even willing to kill some people who had harmed her and cut her hair. Isabel tends to take seriously any criticism Levi sends her, showing how much Levi's opinion matters to her. When Isabel died, Levi was devastated at the lose of his friends. Realizing how precious they were to him, he blamed himself for their loss.
  • Farlan Church: Having nearly opposite personalities, Isabel and Farlan are often seen at odds with one another. Farlan is calm, level-headed, and knows when things are serious. Isabel, on the other hand, is incredibly hyperactive, persistent, and tends to lose focus easily. Despite that, they are close friends to each other and Levi. In their first battle against a Titan, the two are shown to be cooperative and synchronized in their attacks, showing that the bond between them is strong. Often, Farlan would lecture Isabel or try to be the voice of reason. When Isabel died, her death was what made Farlan stop running and face the Titans.
  • Hange Zoë: When they first met, Isabel was somewhat uncomfortable with the curious Hange, but quickly developed a better opinion of her when she complimented Levi's skill. Hange got along with Isabel much more easily than with Levi or Farlan, even giving her some sweets as a gift, which Isabel was happy to accept.[8]


  • Isabel's name has Hebrew origins, and means "God's Promise." Her surname is reference to the Magnolia family of flowers.
  • Isabel is voiced by Mana Hirata in Choice with No Regrets (Blu-Ray Visual Novel version).
  • Isabel refers to Levi as "nii-chan/san" which means "older/big brother" in English. While they aren't related, it is common in Japan to refer to a slightly older male you respect, or are close with, as "nii-san."


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