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This article is about the 57th chapter of the manga. For the character that goes by this title, see Kenny Ackerman.

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Kenny the Ripper
Chapter 57 Cover
Chapter 57, Volume 14
Title Kenny the Ripper
Kirisaki Kenī
Release date May 09, 2014
Arc The Uprising arc
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Kenny the Ripper is the 57th chapter of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


Hange bursts into Erwin's office, telling him that Eren had remembered the events that occurred when he was captured by Reiner and Bertolt and gives him Eren's notes. Hange then proceeds to tell him about their theories: that Rod Reiss intends to eat Eren, and that Titans eat humans in hopes of consuming someone with Titan-shifting abilities, so they are able to revert to their human form again and become Titan Shifters themselves. Recalling the report from when the Survey Corps tried to rescue Eren from Reiner and the others, Hange mentions how Reiner started throwing Titans at Eren. Hange concludes that he was trying to make the other Titans eat Eren, hoping that another Titan would devour him and acquire the ability to control Titans. While Hange and Erwin are beginning to discuss the topic of the government's need of Eren, they are interrupted by a soldier who reports that the Military Police has declared Erwin to be suspicious of murder. Before heading out, he tells Hange that if anything happens to him, they will be the next Commander of the Survey Corps. Erwin leaves a stunned Hange behind, and meets with the Military Police members outside who question him about the death of Dimo Reeves. While Erwin is taken away, Hange meets up with Flegel, who tells them everything that happened with Eren, Historia, and his father.

Meawhile, somewhere else in the Stohess District, the members of Levi's Squad are in hiding, discussing Erwin's plans. Levi is up on the rooftops with Nifa, spying on Military Police members with two caskets, which he believes Eren and Historia are inside of. The pair begin to talk about "Kenny the Ripper", when Levi states that Kenny is actually a real person, and that he even lived with him for a while. Without warning Kenny appears, shooting at them and killing Nifa. Keiji and another Survey Corps soldier of Hange's squad are also killed by two different members of the Military Police working under Kenny. Kenny taunts Levi before engaging in combat with him.

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    On the paper Armin is reading, a sex joke written in upside-down Katakana can be read. Roughly translated, it is:

"Rock, scissor, paper, rock, scissor, paper. What shall we make? What shall we make? Dick in your right hand, pussy in your left hand. Sex, sex."


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