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Mylius Zeramuski
Millius character image
Name Mylius Zeramuski
Biological Information
Gender Male
Affiliation 104th Trainees Squad
Grad Rank Outside Top 10
Species Human
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Voice actor
Anime Kazuhiro Fusegawa (Japanese)
Joel McDonald (English)
Image Gallery

Mylius Zeramuski (ミリウス・ゼルムスキー Miriusu Zerumusukī?) was a member of the 104th Trainees Squad.


Mylius Zeramuski was a boy of average height with blue/gray eyes and silver hair. He looked somewhat older and wiser than Eren.

Since he was with the others in the 104th squad, he wore the standard trainee uniform.


Mylius seemed to be uncomfortable about mentioning or talking about Titans. He was also cautious; he warned Eren Yeager when the latter was running off to avenge Thomas Wagner.


Battle of Trost District arcEdit

Tumblr mr8kd7mOT11src2hdo1 500

Mylius caught by a Titan

Mylius Zeramuski is a graduate of the 104th Trainees Squad.  After the second attack of the Colossal Titan, he is assigned to the middle guard along with Eren Yeager and Armin Arlert. Shortly after the squad's deployment, the group is attacked by an aberrant Titan, which results in the death of Thomas Wagner. This causes Eren to attack the aberrant in a rage. Mylius warns Eren not to go alone, which in turn causes his squad to pursue and try to help him. Mylius is then eaten by a Titan when the squad engages the Titans in the Trost District, screaming and begging for his life as Armin watches in shock.


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