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Mina Carolina

Mina Carolina character image

Mina Carolina Manga

Name Mina Carolina
Kanji ミーナ・カロライナ
Romaji Mina Karoraina
Biological Information
Gender Female
Affiliation 104th Trainees Squad
Grad Rank Outside of Top 10
Species Human
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Manga Night Of The Disbanding Ceremony
Anime Shining Dimly in the Midst of Despair
Voice actor
Anime Chika Anzai (Japanese)

Alexis Tipton (English)

Mīna Carolina (ミーナ・カロライナ Mina Karoraina?) was a graduate of the 104th Trainees Squad and was killed by a Titan during the battle for Trost District.


Mina was a young girl with light, fair skin. She had grey eyes and thick black hair parted in the middle that went past her shoulders, which was tied in loose pigtails with light blue hair ties.

On missions, she wore the standard Trainee uniform and had a white polo with a collar underneath her jacket. When off duty, Mina wore a long sleeved teal blouse and black pants. She had a slender figure and was average height.


Mina was a cheerful girl, seen when she happily took Sasha Blouse up on her offer of meat that would be restored when they retook their land[1], but she was also rather brave when she went after Eren Yeager even after Thomas Wagner was eaten by a Deviant Type Titan.[2]


104th Trainees Squad arcEdit

Mina is first seen as a trainee being interrogated by Keith Shadis. She is often seen within the cabins wearing casual attire and engaging in casual conversation.

In the year 848, two years before graduation, Mina accompanies the other trainees on a wilderness hunt to sustain themselves in times of peace. Along with the other trainees, Mina is pulled into an equipment heist by thieves in the forest and is left behind with the others as Eren helps rescue the kidnapped Krista Lenz. She is seen with Reiner Braun and the others as the thieves are caught and arrested and Krista is safely returned.[3]

Later, she is clearing out the cannons with her comrades atop Wall Rose. She is one of the trainees who accepts Sasha Blouse's meat despite it being stolen from the Elite supply, and witnesses the sudden return of the Colossal Titan.[1]

Battle of Trost District arcEdit

When the Colossal Titan appears outside Trost District, she can only watch in horror as the burst of steam from its body knocks the Trainees off the Wall. She is present when Eren Yeager orders them to attack the Colossal Titan. After the breach, she was assigned to the middle guard along with Eren and Armin ArlertMylius ZeramuskiNac Tius, and Thomas Wagner.

They eventually are incorporated into the front guard due to the number of Titans. Eren begins talking about how killing Titans that got in Trost will improve their rank, and she joins him, indicating that she is also signing up for the Survey Corps. Thomas suggests they have a contest on who can kill the most Titans.

Finally, the whole squad advances forward towards the numerous Titans. Surprising the group, a Deviant Type Titan lunges at the roof top they were standing on. The group watches in horror as Thomas is swallowed by the Titan. Eren initially attacks the Titan that swallowed Thomas, followed by Armin first and Mina second.

After Eren's leg is bitten off suddenly by one of the Titans, she and the other two attempt to kill the Titan that injured him. However, a group of Titans arrive out of no where and one of them kills Nac, catching her off-guard as another Titan grabs her 3D Maneuver Gear's wire,
Mina killed anime

Mina is caught by a Titan.

knocking her over to the wall. When she realizes where she is, it is already too late for her to escape; she is grabbed by the Titan and her head is bitten off.[2]

Armin would later report her demise to the remaining members of the 104th Trainees Squad, saying she died valiantly in the line of duty.[4] Her death would later be avenged by Mikasa Ackerman, who kills the Titan responsible for her death when it attempts to kill Sasha.[5]

The Uprising arcEdit

While speaking to Historia under the Reiss chapel, Eren mentions Mina as being among the victims he and Grisha Yeager are responsible for killing by stealing the Titan's power.[6]


  • She is the only member of Squad 34 not to have her death avenged by Eren in his Titan form.
  • She is shown sitting with Annie at the tables in the background of the first few episodes. That shows that they had some sort of friendship between them, as Annie is asocial and would have otherwise sat alone.


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