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Moblit Berner
Anime | Manga

Moblit anime

Name Moblit Berner
Biological Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Survey Corps Logo Survey Corps
Species Human
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Special Operations Squad
Anime Special Operations Squad
Voice actor
Anime Rintaro Nishi (Japanese)

Matthew Ham (English)

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Moblit Berner (モブリット・バーナー Moburitto Bānā?) is a member of the Survey Corps and Hange Zoë's second-in-command within the Survey Corps fourth squad. He also serves as Hange's assistant.


He comes across as an intelligent and responsible person, which may be the reason he is tasked to keep his overzealous and eccentric superior out of trouble. Much of the time, this leaves him in a state of near-panic, having to constantly remind Hange to be more careful or yanking her to safety. That he remains at her side constantly suggests he's a loyal person, regardless of the stress involved.


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Moblit is the Deputy Leader of the fourth squad of the Survey Corps and, being a senior member within this division, he has survived many Expeditions alongside his superior. He also possesses decent scientific abilities, serving as Hange's assistant during her experiments.

He also appears to be very skilled at drawing, shown when Hange ordered him to make a portrait of Eren while he was being pulled out from his Titan body.

Moblit Berner's Statistics[1]:

Battle Skill
Straight Man

References Edit

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