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Moblit Berner
Anime | Manga

Moblit anime

Name Moblit Berner
Biological Information
Gender Male
Height 176 cm
Weight 65 kg
Affiliation Survey Corps Logo Survey Corps
Species Human
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Special Operations Squad
Anime Special Operations Squad
Voice actor
Anime Rintarō Nishi (Japanese)
Jerry Jewell (English)
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Moblit Berner (モブリット・バーナー Moburitto Bānā?) is a member of the Survey Corps and Hange Zoë's second-in-command within the Survey Corps fourth squad. He also serves as Hange's assistant.


Moblit has short smooth brown hair and light brown eyes. He wears the typical uniform of a member of the Survey Corps.


He comes across as an intelligent and responsible person, which may be the reason he is tasked to keep his overzealous and eccentric superior out of trouble. Much of the time, this leaves him in a state of near-panic, having to constantly remind Hange to be more careful or yanking them to safety. That he remains at their side constantly suggests he's a loyal person, regardless of the stress involved with being under their command.


The Female Titan arcEdit

Moblit first appears as Hange`s assistant, standing nearby as they attempt to establish communications with the titans Sonny and Bean. He is immensely panicked by Hange's seemingly reckless attempts to get the two Titans to respond to them, repeatedly telling them to step back. Sometime later, Hange purposefully jabs Bean in the heart with a long pole in order to determine the titan's reaction to pain, screaming whilst doing so. Moblit is worried over their reaction, to which they respond that seeing Bean in such pain is what is causing them to scream and be so upset. Later on, another attempt at establishing communications with Sonny nearly causes him to bite them, and Moblit drags them away while exclaiming that they`ll most certainly die if they don't exercise caution. [1] [2] [3]

After Sonny and Bean are anonymously murdered, Moblit stands nearby as Hange shrieks over their bodies, apparently attempting to calm them down. He later partakes in the 57th expedition outside the walls, and is present as numerous Titans swarm and devour the Female Titan`s body. [4] [5]

After Eren Yeager successfully manages to incapacitate Annie Leonhart during the raid on Stohess District, he stands nearby, grabbing Hange`s shoulders in a state of panic as the surrounding soldiers attempt to extract Annie from the nape of her Titans neck. Shortly after, he is among those instructed to move Annie, who had imprisoned herself in a strange, crystal like structure, to a safer place where she could be held. [6] [7]

When the soldiers notice that there is a Titan within the wall, he frantically runs toward Hange, asking for their orders. They are soon approached by Pastor Nick, who claims that the Titan must be kept out of the sunlight. After the Titan is successfully covered, Moblit-among other soliders-are present as Hange questions Nick as to why the Titan was inside the wall in the first place. When Hange dangles Nick over the wall, he attempts to stop them, only to be told to stay back. He observes their exchange with a concerned expression, moving forward when it appears Hange is about to release the pastor and allow him to fall to his death. However, Hange instead thrusts Nick back onto the wall. After briefly checking on him, Moblit approaches Hange and attempts to speak with them, to which they respond that theey`d just felt an emotion that they hadn't in a long time. [8] [9] [10]

Clash of the Titans arcEdit

He is present in a flashback in which Hange is comparing the composition of Annie`s crystal to that of the wall, asking them to hurry up. He later appears as the Survey Corps are preparing to locate the apparent breach in Wall Rose, asking Eren if he is healthy enough to ride on horseback. After the latter replies that he is, Moblit turns to Hange and claims that they should hurry, to which Hange replies that they`ll be with them momentarily. He is later shown listening to Hange as they instruct their squad to head toward Castle Utgard.[11] [12] [13]

After the Survey Corps manage to recover the survivors of the attack on Castle Utgard, they regroup on top of the wall. There, Hange asks for a status report on Ymir`s condition, and Moblit replies that while her bleeding has ceased, a strange, vapor like substance is steaming from her wounds. He is present when Hannes arrives at on top of the Wall, claiming that there doesn`t seem to be a breach anywhere. Hange remarks that with this news, the operation aught to be ended. [14] [15]

He is shown discussing the potential circumstances that may have led to the supposed "breach" with Hange shortly after. Hange expresses concern that Titans with the ability to transverse underground may exist, to which he replies that they would be immensely difficult to find. [16]

Just moments after, Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover reveal their true identities, and proceed to transform into the Armored and Colossal Titans soon after. Moblit is among the soldiers forced back by the steam the Colossal Titan generates to protect itself. Hange quickly orders the soldiers move away from the Wall in an attempt to avoid the danger the Titan now poses. They narrowly dodge an attack, only for Ymir to wind up in the Colossal Titan`s grasp. Shortly after, Moblit appears with Hange and Keiji as the soldiers storm the Titan in an attempt to kill it. However, it releases a massive blast of steam, forcing them to push back once again. [17] [18] [19]

Eren, meanwhile, proceeds to gain the upper hand in his battle with the Armored Titan. As he prepares to finish him off, however, his opponent summons the Colossal Titan to assist him, causing the latter to throw itself off the wall and create a massive and dangerously hot explosion. Moblit-along with Hange and the other soldiers-are heavily injured and rendered incapable for some time. He is seen lying next to Keiji and Hange, glancing at them with what appears to be concern. [20]

The Uprising arcEdit

Moblit next appears with the rest of Hange`s squad as the potential for Eren to use his hardening ability in order to plug up the breach in Wall Maria is being discussed. Hange-who is noted to be looking down during this discussion-reveals to them Pastor Nick was found murdered that morning. In the ensuing flashback, Moblit and Hange are shown entering the complex where Nick`s body is located. Hange is distraught, asking why Nick died, something to which Moblit replies that the Military Police were investigating. Hange is barred from entering the room where Nick`s body lies by two Military Police members, Djel and Ralph, who claim that a burglary led to his death. When Hange protests, Djel grabs them by the jacket and questions their identity, causing Moblit to yank his wrist away and release them. He proceeds to reveal their status as members of the Survey Corps. The soldiers respond rather callously, throwing barely concealed insults at them while claiming that an investigation into the pastor`s death is their job, rather than that of the Survey Corps. [21] [22]

Moblit remarks that seeing Military Police members in this area is odd, prompting Hange to speak up. They receive a hasty response, with Djel explaining that Nick`s attire, which consisted of expensive material from the Wall Church, was perhaps the motive for the "burglary." Hange appears to act confused, claiming that they didn't know Nick was from the Wall Church, as far as they knew, he was merely a craftsman. They ask the two to tell to burglar that they would see to it that the pain inflicted on Nick will be inflicted on them, and turns to leave. Moblit asks them if they think they were responsible for Nick`s death, to which Hange replies that they most definitely were. [23]

Back in the present, Moblit explains that the Central Military Police Bridge is generally given tasks that limit their ability to inflict damage, though they may be able to infiltrate the Survey Corps in disguise. This puts the Corps in a potentially dangerous situation, with no clear certainty as to the enemy`s identity. [24]

Sometime later, Eren undergoes a number of tests in order to determine if his hardening ability will be effective-something which fuses him to his weakened Titan body, causing Hange and Mikasa to pull him out. Hange asks Moblit to take a sketch of Eren`s deformed face, causing him to question Hange`s humanity. Hange is later seen holding the sketch he drew. [25] [26]

Moblit appears next as Levi and Hange prepare to torture Djel for information, steadying the chair Djel is sitting in as Levi punches him. He is also shown taking notes of Djel`s comments. [27] [28]

Moblit is seen after Hange leaves Djel and Ralph`s prison cell. He addresses them, though they don`t respond, instead entering another room. [29].

During an surprise attack on the Survey Corps by Kenny Ackerman and members of the First Bridge, Nifa, Keiji, and unnamed member who wears goggles are killed, leaving Moblit and Hange as the last surviving members of their squad. [30]

Later on, Hange and Moblit sneak up on Roy and Beaure as they discuss the censorship imposed on them by the royal government. Beaure begins to take notes as Hange speaks to them, prompting Moblit to restrain him-something which causes Hange to remark that he`s being too rough. Hange proceeds to ask the two reporters to "interview" them for one day. [31]

The Survey Corps devise a plan to expose the corruption of the Military Police with the help of Flegel Reeves. The plan works, with the Military Police members revealing the circumstances surrounding the death of Dimo Reeves as they prepare to shoot Flegel. Moblit and Hange ambush them with 3D Maneuver Gear and incapacitate them. Hange injuries their wrist while punching one of the MP`s, causing Moblit to shout that they're being too reckless. He is later among those present when Flegel proclaims himself president of the Reeves Corporation. As Hange, Roy, and Beaure argue over the dangers of publishing this story, Moblit stands behind Hange with a somewhat tense expression. [32] [33] [34] [35]

Moblit and Hange later travel to the rendezvous point with Levi's Squad, meeting up with Marlo and Hitch. Hange explain that are friendly, and ask to be led to their squad. After discovering that their plan was working, Hange orders Moblit to take a message to Erwin. [36]


Moblit is the Deputy Leader of the fourth squad of the Survey Corps and, being a senior member within this division, he has survived many Expeditions alongside his superior. He also possesses decent scientific abilities, serving as Hange's assistant during their experiments.

He also appears to be very skilled at drawing, shown when Hange ordered him to make a portrait of Eren while he was being pulled out from his Titan body.

Moblit Berner's Statistics[37]:

Battle Skill


  • In an interview, Hajime Isayama mentioned that out of all the veterans of the Survey Corps, Moblit drinks the most due to his "unfortunate" position.[citation needed]


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