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Sasha Blouse



Name Sasha Blouse
Biological Information
Gender Female
Birthday July 26th[1]
Height 168 cm
Weight 55 kg
Affiliation Survey Corps Logo Survey Corps
Former Affiliation 104th Trainees Squad
Grad Rank 9th
Species Human
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga That Day
Anime That Day
Voice actor
Anime Yū Kobayashi (Japanese)
Ashly Burch (English)
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Sasha Blouse (サシャ・ブラウス Sasha Burausu?) is a former member of the 104th Trainees Squad, of which she was ranked 9th best. A compulsive food hoarder with an overly polite way of speech, Sasha originates from the Dauper village (a southern district of Trost District) and was one of the new recruits that chose to join the Survey Corps alongside Eren Yeager, despite being terrified of Titans.


Sasha-Chara Design

Sasha's character design for the anime

Sasha is a young woman with light brown eyes and brown hair. She has a short ponytail that reaches the base of her neck. Her bangs are slightly parted to the left cascading down each side of her face and stopping around the middle of her neck. On missions, she wears the standard Trainee uniform. When not on missions, she wears a simple long sleeved blouse with a skirt that slightly covers her boots. On some occasions she even wears a sleeveless vest over her blouse. She has a slender figure and is of average height.


Sasha is a friendly, fun-loving girl with an impulsive appetite.[2] Hailing from Dauper Village, she has a local accent, but actively hides it out of embarrassment by using formal speech, even when conversing with her fellow trainees.[3]

Initially, Sasha is shown to be somewhat timid and prone mistakes when under stressful situations.[4][5] She is rather simple-minded and eccentric, but, surprisingly, her intuition is very sharp, surprisingly courageous, and she has been considered a wise judge of circumstances and danger.[6]

Possibly due to her younger years of struggling to hunt and find food, Sasha has developed an incredible appetite; eating provides her with considerable gratification and relief, especially during times of great stress, and food is often the only thing on her mind when at ease.[7] So impulsive in her desire to eat, she has proven willing to steal food from the infantry stores and/or kitchen and has earned herself the nickname "potato girl" (芋女 imo onna?) after stealing a potato and absent-mindedly explaining herself when her superior caught her.[8] Despite her gluttonous tendencies, Sasha is a capable soldier and cannot stand by when others are in trouble.[9]


Early Days

Sasha seems to have lived with her father from the Dauper Village from the mountains, located in a southern district of Wall Rose, before joining the Survey Corps. The Dauper Village is a low populated village which specializes in hunting for food, hence her knowledge and skills for hunting and animal instincts. She left the village to join the military after getting into an argument with her father when he told her they might have to give up their traditional lifestyle of hunting in favor of farming to support the large number of refugees moving to the area after the fall of Wall Maria.

104th Trainees Squad arc

On the first day of training, she stole a hot potato from the kitchen and was questioned by Keith, their head instructor, while he was performing the "Rite of Passage" ritual on them.[10] In shock, he
Sasha grins

Sasha grinning

wondered why she was eating a potato during training, and she said it was natural for humans to eat potatoes. She rips off the smaller half of the potato and hands it to him, grinning.[11] As punishment, she had to run around for 5 hours.[12] Krista Lenz sneaked in some bread from the dining hall to help Sasha out after she passed out from the exercise, and Sasha greedily steals it. She is also present as Ymir chides Krista for helping Sasha.[13] She is in the cabins, asking Mikasa for her bread, but Mikasa eats it for herself.[14] During training sessions, it was observed that she had uncanny intuition and followed unconventional practices, which made her inappropriate for group activities.[15] She has been seen to interacting with Connie and even teasing Jean, after having bested the two during one of their training sessions.[16] Her fellow trainee Ymir taunts her for speaking overly politely and lady-like and ignoring her home village's dialect. Ymir asks her to remove the mask she was putting on herself and speak her original dialect. This caused her and Krista to fight each other about it. Krista opines that she should speak those words as and when they come to her. Sasha later graduates in the ninth position among the top ten trainees.

Battle of Trost District arc

Sasha, along with Eren and the others, was assigned to maintain the cannons on top of Wall Rose in Trost District. She stole some meat from the Officer's provisions and offered to share it with them.[17]
Sasha Blouse

Sasha with the stolen meat

She enthusiastically predicts that after they reconquer Wall Maria, they will be able to keep cows and sheep. This puts everyone into high moods as they accept the meat and get back to work.[18] Suddenly, the Colossal Titan appeared out of nowhere and broke the gate of Trost with it's foot. Everyone is knocked off the Wall and Sasha manages to save Samuel Linke-Jackson from falling off the Wall.[19]
Sasha saves Samuel

Sasha saves Samuel

She is later assigned to guard the middle of Trost from incoming Titans.[20] As the trainees are stuck in Trost unable to climb the Walls to escape, Sasha tried to convince the remaining trainees to try retaking the headquarters together.[21] When Mikasa arrives and Armin blurts out the names of the fallen of Eren's squad 34, she along with the others discover Eren and his squad did not survive.[22] After Mikasa's speech and subsequent attempt to escape Trost, Sasha mocks everyone in an attempt to motivate them.[23] She successfully reaches the headquarters, where Armin devises a plan to clear the supply room of Titans.[24] During the execution of the plan, she messes up, not cutting deeply enough through the Titan's neck and Mikasa and Annie having to save her and Connie too.[25] She immediately becomes grateful to Mikasa. During the reconquest of Trost, she was involved with the decoy team.[citation needed]

The Female Titan arc

New Survey Corps members

Sasha among the new Survey Corps members.

Sasha decides to join the Survey Corps, seeing that Jean, Connie, Ymir and Krista were doing the same. She becomes a bit afraid and starts crying when Erwin Smith gives his daunting speech about the Survey Corps's missions. However, she does not back off and remains there, facing the fear of the Titans.

A month later, she involves herself with the Survey Corps's 57th expedition. She was positioned on Line 2 and File 3 in the enemy detection formation and was on relay duty. On the way, she was attacked by a Titan, which was unassumingly hiding behind a shed. Her squad members successfully lure it away and she returns to her assigned position. Being on the left flank, she does not encounter the female Titan. Later, she was assigned to guard the border of the Forest of Giant Trees, after the middle flank successfully lured the Female Titan in. After the Female Titan's capture, she recognizes her scream to be similar to that of a cornered animal screaming for help. She realizes that it was time to be much more careful than before and warns Mikasa, who was about to run into the fray, about it. Later, she returns back to the Karanese District with the Survey Corps, worn and broken.

Clash of the Titans arc

Sasha and the others are stationed close to her and Connie's villages as they await orders. They do not seem to understand why they were stationed there. Sasha hears multiple heavy footsteps coming from a distance and they soon learn that Wall Rose had been breached and that they must act quickly. She joins the North Squad to help evacuate the villagers in the northern part. She worriedly returns to her own village noticing that a certain Titan had headed straight for it.


Sasha fending off a Titan with a bow and arrow.

She enters a house, wherein a 3 meter Titan was biting away at a lady's leg while her child was sitting nearby, paralyzed out of fear. Sasha takes the child away and grabs a bow and a four arrows. Sasha, upon realizing that the 3 meter Titan was following them, tells the little girl to find help right away. Once she's gone, Sasha tries to hold him off with the bow and arrows. The only way she could buy some time is if she takes out the Titan's eyes. Sasha succeeds by jamming the last arrow in the Titan's other eye and it's blood was slippery enough for her to slip away from it's grasp and save herself. She later encountered a group which was providing horses to people. Her father was there, and he found himself proud of her for the first time and Sasha is glad to be reunited with her father and the villagers.

The Uprising arc

After two weeks had passed, she is handpicked by Levi alongside her friends of the 104th Trainees Squad as a member of the new Squad Levi, and is stationed with them in a lone house within a forest, where they are hiding in order to protect Eren and Historia. She talks to Armin about the reasons why they were chosen despite being new recruits, and suggests it was simply because they are good. After she is discovered stealing bread from the few supplies that are already present, a discussion with her comrades arises which reminds Eren to the old squad.[26]

She is later seen reunited with Levi and the rest of the squad listening in silence as they discuss Armin's idea of sealing the hole in Wall Maria using Eren's Titan hardening abilities, as well as the recent murder of Pastor Nick at the hands of the Military Police. At the end of the discussion, she and Jean leave to stand guard outside the hut.[27] She is seen with the group in a flashback where Historia reveals her past, her mother's murder and the events that led to her enlistment in the Survey Corps.[27]

Erwin plans a coup d'état

Sasha reads in shock Erwin's plan for a coup d'état

During Hange's Titan experiments with Eren, Sasha helps stand guard around the place.[28] Later, the group receives some mysterious instructions from Erwin that leave them in shock, and they abandon the hut to follow the plan. Shortly after, they watch from the distance the hut being stormed the Military Police Brigade First Interior Squad.[29]

Sasha saves Mikasa from Dimo Reeves

Sasha saves Mikasa from Dimo Reeves' shooting

As they walk through the city, they are surrounded by angry citizens who accuse them of wasting their taxes without giving results, and in the commotion, Eren and Historia are seemingly kidnapped by a rushing wagon; actually being Jean and Armin in disguise as a trap for the persecutors.[30]

Sasha helps in the rescue operation and saves Mikasa when the leader of the gang, Dimo Reeves, was about to shoot her, attaching his gun to the ground with an arrow. [31]

Later, when Levi is dealing with Dimo and demands receiving black tea as one of the conditions to give him Eren and Historia, Sasha exclaims excited about how wonderful that idea is.[32]

She is present with the squad as Levi and Hange interrogate Djel Sanes about the murder of Pastor Nick.[33]

Skills & Abilities

"Lightning fast, with uncanny intuition. But her eccentricity makes her unfit for group operations."

Raised as a hunter, Sasha specializes in archery, horseback riding, and tracking. Sasha is ranked one of the top 10 trainees of her squad, implying good physical abilities. She was also commented to have a better sense of balance then some of the other trainees. Sasha's hearing is also very acute, to the point that she could detect an approaching group of Titans before many of her fellow trainees. As well as physical abilities, Sasha has good knowledge of wild animals and utilizing her hunter experience (shown when the Female Titan screamed), she knew exactly what the scream meant (a distress cry; danger) and that they should be wary of it. She also seems to be athletic and useful with bow and arrow, injuring a 3m class Titan alone with just a bow. She is later shown to be able to disarm a person without any injury to the said person with archery alone.[34] She's also proven to be a skilled thief, as she often manages to steal food from the infantry storage without getting caught.

She also contains at least a small amount of medical knowledge; being chosen to attend to Levi's wounds after he was attacked by Kenny Ackerman and the First Interior Squad.[35]

Sasha Blouse's Statistics [36]:



  • Sasha is almost killed by the same Titan that killed Mina Carolina after a failed assassination attempt, but the Titan is killed by Mikasa.
  • An interview with Isayama's editor in Otomedia's October 2013 issue revealed Isayama originally intended to kill Sasha in Volume 9. However, he was persuaded to change his mind by the editor, who apparently went to the bathroom and cried when presented with the ending.
  • The initial draft of the series shows that the current version of Sasha's design was changed from her original.
  • Sasha is one of the most popular characters in the series, and has even become a small internet phenomenon, often being referred to by her nickname "Potato Girl".
  • Sasha's name is short for "Alexandra", which comes from the Greek "Alexandros", meaning "defender of mankind". "Blouse" (Braus) comes from the German saying "in Saus und Braus leben", meaning "to live off the fat of the land", a phrase she herself quotes.


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