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Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Teenage boy Eren and his foster sister Mikasa witness something horrific as the city walls are destroyed by a Colossal Titan that appears out of thin air. As the smaller Titans flood the city, the two kids watch in horror as their mother is eaten alive. Eren vows that he will murder every single Titan and take revenge for all of mankind. Nominated for the 4th Manga Taisho Awards (2011) and won the Kodansha Manga Award shōnen category (2011). In English, the series is roughly translated to 'Attack on Titan'.
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Captain Ackerman profile
Captain Kenny Ackerman (ケニー・アッカーマン隊長 Kenī Akkāman Taichō?) is a member of the Military Police Brigade's First Interior Squad and also the anti-personnel control squad. He is responsible for the death of Historia's mother.

Kenny Ackerman appears five years after the death of Historia's mother as the leader of the group sent to retrieve Eren and Historia from Dimo Reeves. Upon arriving he reminds Historia who he is and remarks how much she has grown. He tells Reebs that he needs to speak with him outside to which Reebs asks if he is being properly rewarded. Kenny brings in his team and tells Reeves that he will be rewarded with more jobs due to his success here. ( more)

Latest Chapter
Chapter 66
Wish is the 66th chapter of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.

About to inject the needle and transform, Historia recalls memories from her past involving Ymir, Frieda and her time as a trainee in the 104th Trainees Squad. After having a flashback of Ymir telling her to live her life with pride in herself, Historia abandons Rod's plan and instead attempts to release Eren. They reunite with Levi's squad and prepare to escape, however Rod ingests the serum and begins to transform into a Titan. Faced with a crumbling wall and a towering Titan estimated to be larger than the Colossal Titan itself, Levi leaves Eren with a choice: face the largest Titan ever known or escape the doomed chapel. Eren believes in himself and bites into a canister labeled "Armor - Braun", jumps off the ledge and transforms, facing the Titan before him.

You can read the full summary here.
Featured Episode
Annie vs. Eren
Wall is the twenty-fifth and final episode of the first Attack on Titan anime. It is produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.

On that day, humanity remembered the terror of being ruled by the Titans, and the humiliation of being kept in a cage. Eren has just transformed, charging at Annie in a rage, punching her into a building. The two face off in the Stohess District, wrecking the city and killing countless civilians, to the confusion of the Military Police. Upon interrogation by Nile Dok, Erwin reveals his role in the Stohess incident and believes it to be the only way for humanity to prevail. As Annie's motives are explored and Eren's Titan abilities drive him to an uncontrollable rage, the fight against the Female Titan concludes with the capture of Annie, but at great costs for everyone involved.

Read the full summary here.
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Rod Reiss Titan23


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News About Series
  • Latest Attack on Titan manga chapter entitled "Wish" has been released! It can be read legally and for free at Crunchyroll Manga website here.
  • A second Attack on Titan anime has been announced to start in 2016.

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