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Commander One Hand

Commander Erwin

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Name Commander One Hand
Biological Information
Gender Male
Height Way taller than Levi
Weight Morbidly Obese
Affiliation Suave Squad & Shipping Eren & Armin
Grad Rank Kawaiieest ^_^
Species Mr. Eyebrow
Status Plucking my eyebrows will be hard with one arm.
First Appearance
Voice actor
Anime Daisuke Ono

Commander Handsome (司令ハンサム Eruvin Sumisu?), sometimes known as Chief Eyebrows or Commander Handsome, is the 1st commander of the Hair Legion. Obsessive over his hair and eyebrows, he can be quite the ticker. Commander Handsome first made his appearance as a super model in the Human Pageant. Mr. Handsome enjoys long walks with people with majestic hair and eyebrows and uses Suave.

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