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The Walls

The Walls were built more than a century ago, when humanity was brought to the edge of extinction at the hand of the Titans. In response to this looming threat, the humans made huge Walls to protect their last stronghold. The Walls reach about 50 meters in height and reach four or five times a human's height below the ground, and is rumored to be as strong as bedrock. However, the Female Titan was able to damage them when she attempted to climb over it, and the Beast Titan was able to remove pieces of Wall Rose and throw them. It was discovered by a miner with twenty years of experience -- who attempted to dig under Wall Rose to reach Wall Sina -- that after digging to the bottom, he found that the ground below them was made of the same material as the Wall. They also seem to extend surrounding human territory underground. 

The Wall Titan

A Wall Titan within Wall Sina.

The Walls are too long to be guarded in their entirety. The tops of the Walls are lined with cannons, which can fire on approaching Titans, even though they are not particularly effective due to the Titan's regeneration abilities. To account for this, each one has four towns on their periphery. As Titans are drawn towards large concentrations of people, humanity can focus its defenses at these towns and not the rest of the Wall. These towns are where the poorer citizens of humanity live, since they are at greater risk of a Titan invasion.

Few people know about the Titans within the Walls, or that they were created from Titans.[1] The Survey Corps learned of their existence when the Female Titan damaged the surface of Wall Sina, exposing the face of a huge Titan. Pastor Nick, a foremost member of a cult which considers the Walls to be holy, knew of the Titans within them, but would reveal no more under the interrogation of Hange Zoë. It is unknown how commonplace this knowledge is within the Wall Cult.

The distance from Wall Maria to Wall Rose is about 100 km, the distance from Wall Rose to Wall Sina is about 130 km, and the radius of Wall Sina is about 250 km. Assuming the walls to be perfect circles, this would make the total area inside the walls 723,823 km roughly twice the size of real world Germany. 

Name Description Known Districts Image
Wall Maria
Wall Maria is the outermost Wall of the human kingdom. Like the other Walls, Wall Maria is approximately 50 meters in height. The distance between Wall Maria and Wall Rose is around 100 km. Five years ago, it was breached by the Colossal Titan and  Armored Titan, after about 100 years of peace and prosperity, and was lost to the Titans.[2] Several decades earlier a group of Titan worshippers opened the gates and let a Titan in. The Titan eventually left, but the reason was unknown, some said that a group of brave people lured it out, but others speculated that it just got too tired of eating.[3]
Quinta District
Shiganshina District (south)
Wall Maria
Wall Rose
Wall Rose is the second outermost Wall following Wall Maria. The distance between Wall Rose and Wall Maria is 100 km, and the distance between Wall Rose and Wall Sina is 130 km. It has been breached by the Colossal Titan 5 years after the fall of Wall Maria, but the breach was later sealed by Eren Yeager with assistance from the Military. It was thought to have been breached again after Titans appeared inside it.

Utopia District (north)
Karanese District (east)
Trost District (south)
Klorva District (west)

Wall Sina
Wall Sina is the innermost Wall protecting the kingdom where the king and other civilians reside. It is 250 km radius. The distance between Wall Sina and Wall Rose is around 130 km. The city inside Wall Sina is protected by the Military Police serving under the king.
Orvud District (north)
Stohess District (east)
Ehrmich District (south)
Yarckel District (west)
Mitras (Inner)


  • Titans primarily targeted the southern region, even before the loss of Wall Maria. As such, they are considered the most dangerous and least desirable places to live in. [4]
  • The northern districts are considered the most desirable region, due to minimal Titan activity. However, the weather is brutally cold and makes life for residents very difficult. Hajime Isayama suggested they may have hot springs to make up for the harsh weather.[4][5]
  • Isayama has described the region as relatively cold, rarely exceeding 30 degrees even on the hottest summer days.[6]
  • "Rose" was the East Germany's secret codename plan to build the Berlin Wall.[7]


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